Eye see, Open your eyes

LiveJournal is 23 today!

Domain LiveJournal.com was registered on April 15, 1999. The same year, the cult movie "The Matrix" was released, the 6 billionth inhabitant of the Earth was born in the city of Sarajevo, and Britney Spears' debut single Baby One More Time topped the world charts.

On April 15, 2021 LiveJournal turned 23 years old! LiveJournal celebrates its birthday and gives you a card with a bright event that happened the year you started your blog!

What to say? I still miss the regularity of posting here. Occasionally, I'll come check out my messages. Happy birthday, LJ.

Tired, LeTired, French Tard, Exhausted

No sugar last night in my coffee

No sleep. I thought a sleep movie would take me down, but naw -- restless leg wins again by a mile. The movie was bizarre (The Box, for those who have Netflix).

Hey and THANKS for that phone call at 1:30 a.m. right after I posted below and tried to go to sleep. Yeah, you've got yours coming in the mail :) Pipl.com is an excellent site.

I'm not an excellent sight (or site), so Imma take a shower and get moving.

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Eye see, Open your eyes


So I used MY own tracking code (which is much more detailed and efficient than LJ's...yeah I see you reading, asshole), and discovered a few interesting things. Yeah, you asshole, are one of them.

There is a guy whose page I had to translate, and who's also reading mine speaking of...well, world matters in a scary way. I'll leave it at that. Why he's reading this page is beyond me. But he's put forth a call to action of sorts, and it's frightening.

Too tired to deal with you crazy freakin' stalkers reading my page, and no, asshole, I'm not going to talk about you in here. You're not worth it, so scoot. Nothing to see here. Truly, you're not worth it.

Had an interesting psychological discussion, and now I really am tapped. No time to worry about who's reading, or what's going on...I need to try and sleep. I'll continue using my own code I wrote a long time ago for this journal so, no, you can't read it anonymously. I know who you are. Deal with that, coward.

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Dirtball, Global, WORKworld

Who and where in the WORLD...

Okay. Who is reading from outside of this country? Hahaha. You guys are crazy, and I like that quality in a person. Usually. But when I think you're STILL HERE because of my slip-up on that other page, it's unnerving.

Where are you "tomorrow" readers from? It's 6/11/2019 here now. But I've got people reading on 6/12/2019.

Just when I thought TONIGHT couldn't get more exciting, it did! But it wasn't a fun exciting, and nothing I'll remember past tomorrow (okay - might take me a week and a journal entry to get that out of my system). Too tired from today's crazed activities. But, as always, I find the humor in that nasty lil situation, and turn it into a journal entry! Woo! I'll try to be nice, if I even get into it here. I am, after all, in my journal now, where I can say and do wthever I want. I did a good job at biting my tongue for the most part, but in HERE...that's not gonna happen (as all the old readers know...;) ). So much for that great sleep I thought I'd be getting. Now I'm watching "Lucifer" (seems apropos after today), and for some reason, it's not boring me to tears as it usually does.

And where are YOU, mariamoonviolin?

Stay cozy.
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ringing non-stop, Telephones, 911, HELP

I heard it on the ra-di-o...

So it did get exciting, as I was called in as a guest to a station in Cali to discuss co-parenting and a father's importance in his child's life.

I've officially lost my voice. All my friends will be happy about this. Hahahha. No, it was a great session, good people, good questions and callers. I was also asked last week by the website's host to go back with them and host the forum/write articles again. It was really stressful before, me being an empath. I'd take it all to heart, and it would keep me up at night. We did, however, win the Golden Web Award, and that's something. So if we're helping, maybe it wouldn't hurt to jump in again and try to contain my emotions over those with whom I counsel.

K. Worn out. Time for me to chill.
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The freakin' list

Although I got a shockingly good amount of sleep last night, despite my being busy yesterday, once again, I'm awake past my normal nap time full of energy. I started taking some of my friend's vitamins (who would've thunk?) and I'm just...not...tired.

So today, I've done some things, more things that I usually do in one day, and which I won't list all of. But I've cooked, done all dishes, three loads of laundry, linens, cleaned bathroom, talked about photography with a photographer and a non-photographer, looked at my lightbox photos, put lamp together, got my makeup mirror fixed (yay!), have separated 48329408902 parts that will be my wardrobe (but I still haven't assembled it), dusted, vacuumed...the list goes on and on.

Although there was a very philosophical discussion thrown in, I won't get into that, either. Not enough time nor room. My numbers are back to almost-normal, so I'll peek out and see if it stays this way. I haven't eaten today, so I need to get on that, too.

You journalers, and friends 'o mine, need to try journaling again. :) It would be nice to see your lovely faces, even for a day. As you can see, I'm like an old bicycle that needs WD40, a new paint job, new wheels, new brakes...because this isn't coming as easy as it used to, nor am I as interested in sharing all that I did. Boo.

That is all.
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That's more like it. Curiosity gone, numbers semi-normal. I'd hate to have to keep making private entries.
I Can't Brain, Dumb I have the


I just deleted over 100 messages without reading them. O.o They didn't used to show up like that! El Jay has changed a lot since I was a regular. Sorry to those who messaged and never got a response! lol It was an honest mistake.
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Introspectiveish, Personal, FO


Oooo, I just had my first person banned from El Jay for copying a lot of my journal. I know, right? Snorefest. But somehow, he/she got it in their heads that to copy mine would be a great idea. That'll teach them. I'm so glad El Jay keeps up with our questions, and takes care of our issues swiftly.

I was hoping stats would go down today, but there are six times as many page views as before. I REALLY don't want to lock this journal down. Would it be too much for me to ask nicely that you Fakebook people stay away, unless you plan on joining? Admit it - you don't even know how to navigate this.

Interestingly enough, I got curious, and went to January of this year (and subsequent months), and discovered that sure enough, people STILL read when I'm not journaling. And I don't think they even know how to get to the good stuff. BUT...I'd like to rekindle my old interest in this, and not fret over which hater is going to get stupid in here (even though their comments will never see the light of day). They're not reading it to be kind - or else they'd <3 the entries. They're here out of hateful curiosity I think, and that's the wrong reason. HOWEVER...if they DO keep it up, imagine the money I could make advertising in here? So maybe you Fakebookers should go ahead, read away! No...I'd rather not make any money and enjoy journaling. I'll just continue to keep personal stuff locked for friend's only, and again, politely ask that you guys stay away.

Any other of my LJ friends using this anymore? I have a lot of friends, but haven't seen you using yours lately. Would like to hear from old buddies. :)
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