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Of mice and men...with talented fingers ;-)

This isn't journaling, and shall be updated (under a cut of course) with pics of those who I'm, etc. Oh yeah, I'll throw Blue Dog in here, simply BECAUSE of mutual acquaintances at this point. *smirk* If you don't wanna "view the men" skip it :D But this is all I feel like publicly journaling ;-)

And since I'm suddenly "man-stupid" maybe I need my friends (who read) to you know, steer me. Or something :>

Ummm. What's NOT hot about him?! Of course, I have more "insider knowledge" (and no, I'm not gonna share). But um...oh my. Niceeeeeeee :) AND smart ;-) Has on a Harley Davidson shirt, plays guitar, is cute, has "vox" above his head (a subliminal mind-reading trick! how dare?), and lives close enough :> Plus, he's a year older than me. YAY. :) Oh...and I talked with him this morning (7/11). He's also an AF pilot ;-)

This will be updated...frequently. So get used to it, or Allow me to indulge in this fun while I'm NOT publicly

Some things SHOULD be shared. Er...or I'll save THAT for other places ;-)

Only the cream of the crop (por moi, that is) will be in this lil cluster. And again, it'll be updated as I feel apropos. ;-)

Ze fun.


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