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Dear Terri,
Here is your horoscope
for Thursday, July 20:

Someone close to you can't make a decision and it's starting to adversely affect you. It might be time to take a step back -- or move forward without them. After all, you can't put your life on hold for them.

Oooo. Spooky. Still, I don't believe in this crap, but it's awfully funny how right awn it seems to be most of the time.

The rest of the day was a blur. I got ZERO sleep last night (and er...if you read this, your arse-kicking's coming up next) and almost passed out at work today. Yay O_o Another phone fest :) Gotta love 'em. Or something.

After Julio today, he pretty much ruined me for the rest, leaving a bad taste in my mouth and me, basically unsociable. This is what PHd does (and it's become so rote, I can predict it). I lovingly call it the "48 to 72 hour rule". He and I groove along just FINE for 48 to 72 hours; then a fight is picked (which I ignore...usually), and I stop talking. Then, we hang out again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Unfortunately for him, I've had some serious battles going on that left NO room for his fight to gain momentum. So after one little break today (and my telling him I got no sleep and was not to be messed with) he disappeared into the sunset. Or sunrise. Or the building or something. Yeah. I won't be seeing him until again, we both get bored stupid and fall into each other in a hallway or something. Heh.

Ja. So I don't feel like updating, but will say, for the record, that I didn't write that letter to YOU POR NADA, POLICE BOY. Indeed, ON MY PAGE AGAIN TODAY. STAY OFF. Or I swear, I'll embarrass you from here to Egypt with "pics". Don't think I'm serious? Try me.

So on my way home, I'm singing along with Alanna to "Black Velvet" at the top of my voice...and this car pulls up beside me. This SERIOUSLY COUNTRY VOICE says: "Please tell me yer gonna audition when them American Idol folks are here."

Me: "There's an AGE LIMIT on that whole thing buddy."

He: "Well that's just wrong because you sang like a bird, doll."


Um. I'm too freakin' old, and let's face it -- my voice has suffered -- mainly due to my job -- and I should've had my vocal cords insured by Lloyds of London YEARS' ago. Meh! Of course, he's not the first to mention "American Idol." I didn't even know what it was until Kelsey explained it to me. Heh. And SHE said I would win it :) I'll just take their word on it /:)

Yeah. I'm in such a good "mood." Somebody CALL ME, LIKE, OHHH I DUNNO, AFTER MY 6:30 BEDTIME...I DARE YAAAAAAA.

Kidding. We don't DO that.


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