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Rolling, bowling, bolling...

So during lunch, I went with my supervisorobermeister to the bowling alley, where our Junior Achievement thingy is going to be. She was gonna purchase a ball, shoes AND bag. They've got a special now for all three for $100. Ummmm...WHY DO THEY COST THAT MUCH? Gah. Anyway, the guy never showed up (for Brunswick), so we ate lunch, and she paid for a game (because of course, I'm a broke arse and she especially knows it).

The hilarity cannot be expressed in a journal entry, but both of us showed how dorky we are in front of a bunch of junior high kids. Not only am I unsure as to how heavy (or light) of a ball I need to use, but I pitched that sucker like it was a softball. Since it recorded our speeds, my top speed was clocked at 30.9 mph. HAHAHAHA. Since her "average" was 8.5 mph - 10 mph, I'm thinking I need to SLOW DOWN. Often, the ball would simply go airborne, and drop right in front of the one pin. I did make a strike. Picked up two spares, but DEFINITELY SUCKED.

This is gonna be SO humiliating. I did this ballerina thing, and each time I ran up there to 'pitch' the ball, my right hand inevitably ended up on the floor. Something's just WRONG with all that. I'd forgotten that I do that when I bowl. LOL. She had a good time pointing and laughing. Yay O_o

So we're working tomorrow, but she's going TONIGHT to get the ball/shoes/bag. She refuses to wear rental shoes or use a cheap ball, so that's that. I'm not gonna be able to accompany her, but it's noteworthy to say that she's fun to hang out with. Hrm. Who'd a thunk it? :> Of course, I took up WAY too much time out of my day basically having fun, but I'm thinking after this week (year?) I deserve it. can't say no when your supervisor's buying. God knowsssss I have ZERO dineros in the account for "fun". Kelsey's gone to church camp until Sunday, so today will probably be the most fun I'll have all weekend. That's...just...SO...SAD.

Oh yeah...the Egyptian cook/biologist/chemist-thing
Ahahaha. Almost forgot him. While we were looking in the shop, this Egyptian guy came flying in the door with pizza slices for all three of us (the employee, ubervisor and I), and went into this HUGE explanation about how he "invented" this new, super-tasting pizza, going into great detail about the chemistry behind the sauce, the crust and the toppings, illustrating his point by first, picking up a wedge (yup! it all stayed in place! wtf...), and then, demanding we take a bite. I don't EAT snausage pizza, but had to. It was good, but I'm just sayin'...I don't WANT TO KNOW the chemistry that goes behind it. And I had to wonder WHATTA THE HELLA somebody like that -- with so much knowledge about these things -- was working in a bowling alley snack bar?!?! LOLOL.

And my point, there's no point. I suck at bowling. That's my point, but it was fun. :) Good exercise. And I was able to search for Kelsey's bowling shoes (she's just GOTTA have a pair), since I was unable to find any in time for her birthday. Still, she's going to have to wait until pay day, and even then, my car hasn't been repaired. Ughhhh. Don't need to think about all that. Rambling again.

So this was the third most pointless entry ever. The end.


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