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More horrible-scoped than e'er before

Dear Terri,
Here is your horoscope
for Tuesday, July 25:

There's nothing you like more than being front and center. Come to think of it, that's exactly where you like to keep your emotions too. Your never-ending energy is best spent on your personal life now.


What personal life? Does it mean that whole bowling thang? LOL. I'm not knowing about the whole front and center thing, much less my emotions. Having a doctor lecture me on internalizing my emotions for well over an hour was good enough por moi. Or maybe she's just stupid, and I'm giving her too much credit, simply because she spent some time in medical school. Something.

Of course today just COULDN'T GO BY SMOOTHLY. Not only did I get two serious GOTTAHAVETHISDONERIGHTNOWORTHEJUDGEWILLKILLUS situations in Connecticut RIGHT in the middle of a huge theft issue, but had to complete discovery before I left. YAY. O_o And God only knows how the nurses found out, but they sent me...THAT'S RIGHT...STUPID, E-CARDS. What can you do but be magnanimous and thank them? Via e-mail of course, despite the fact they work er, right by me. Ugh. All of that in 30 minutes' time. Otherwise, today went by totally uneventful and...just as I'd want it.

Except for dinner cooking ITSELF. Blahhhh. I'm not really sure what Kelsey's planning on doing, but she'll be home when her dad gets off work. I've missed her. I hate to say it, but I hope she's already eaten. I really REALLY don't feel like cooking =/ Still haven't caught up on that sleep, and tonight...ahhh, tonight is the night!!! I should do as I said last night, dig into my "little black headrub book" and pull out a "benign" name from my group. I mean, of all days, today would be /it/ for demanding a head rub. Right? Yeah. That. Must. Have. Headrub. I think that blue dot on my right arm isn't really a "sleeper"/Manchurian Candidate implant, but rather a "need-for-headrubs" thing. It's gotta serve SOME purpose.

Meh. I won't do it. Right now, I just wanna hit the hay. Some chick actually tried to RACE ME on my ride home from work. First, she's a chick. Worse, I was in the deathmobile. However, driving fast is only PART of racing inner-city. You've gotta be SMART, TOO. She must not've gotten that memo. *snorts* I slid in the slow lane and beat her by a good mile. :> I'm just wondering what kind of chick would wanna race on 280?! I can sort of understand the GUYS who want to when I'm in MY car. But not chicks, and while I'm in the deathmobile. Hrm. Weird. Of course, in the middle of the race, I zoomed past MBPD (don't really need to go /there/) who'd pulled over ANOTHER evil speeder. I think someone needs to commit a serious crime in Mountain Brook, so they'll lay off the drivers who are simply trying to get home (or to work). Geez. They must get bonuses for nailing us along that two-mile strip of road. Grrr. I grind my teeth every time I pass that black and white mobile. Today was no exception.

Yeah, so there's nothing going on (at least not for public reading...nor is it interesting), and Imma kick back, cool down in all my glory and nakeyness, and relax. Tomorrow isn't gonna get any better.


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