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This week has just been wonk-ay

It's Friday already, but I remain confused. Nothing new, of course, but I keep thinking "surely it's Thursday" or "maybe it's Saturday." Got WAY too much sleep last night, and kinda hate that, since I was engaged in a really funny/fun conversation via IM with a co-worker in Cali ;-) :D Whatta hoot.

That doesn't include the fun phone call, that I'm just not even getting in to. We know my penchant for jinxing my potential relationships, so mum's the word. For now.

However, his mouth is my property. Heh. There's that.

The bowling ball (long story, and will write in a friend's only entry) came in yesterday, and WTH. It had a freakin' GNAT IN IT! What. THE. HELL. I looked at my beautiful, perfect soccer-bowling ball, and thought "hrm...what's THAT?" Closer scrutiny showed a gnat, looking like it got stuck right after lighting on the ball before it had the final layer poured on it. Hahaha.

The only reason I don't DEMAND another one is because many people have balls with gnats? Woah. That sounded all kinds of wrong. Mkay, bowling balls with gnats? How many people have THEIR OWN BOWLING BALLS? LOL. Yes. Let the pointing and laughing begin. My company is good about the whole reward system thing, but I'm just sayin'...I need the TOP FIXED ON MY CAR A LOT MORE than all that. Still...there's that bonus gnat. The old guy behind the counter said "He comes with it; don't worry -- we won't charge extra."

Er...I'M NOT FOOTIN' THE BILL, HOMBRE. So yeah, I have an original bowling ball which WOULD'VE been cool, had a gnat not landed on it. Only me.

Too much going on to journal. School's about to start, work's UNREAL and this week has been freaky/crazy. Just got back from the victor alpha and am pissed beyond words. I'd best just keep those thoughts to myself for right now. Ugh.

And again, there was a point to this entry which has totally escaped me. Probably best left unsaid anyhoo. :>


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