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After work... [edit uno]


Kelsey took this one SOMEHOW. :> Heh. The finger thing is our lil inside joke. :)

Kelsey's idea of cam fun. Don't ask about the two fanger thang. And no comments on how scary I am, because it was about 2378427592 degrees. ;p WAKE UPPPPPPPP!

Scary, neon effect. :D Heh.

Bizarre, neon pic. Bizarre, neon pic.

Pucker up. Yikes.

Oh...freezing, not happy, and demanding the cam back.

In all, there were 35. Er...I didn't have time/patience/etc. to get 'em all because my digi takes these humongous 1,000 x 1,000 px pics for some reason. WTH? Yeah...that's enough to skeer us all for one day :D I won't even put Kelsey with the turtle in here. She'll thank me for that one day. lol :)

That's enough fun with pics for today. Or self-deprecation. ;-)


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