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Ooooooooo good-day

Another trip to the victor alpha. WHY CAN'T THEY SYNCHRONIZE THIS CRAP?? Three trips I have to make monthly (by my estimation). And why do I have to show up? Because of A FREAKIN' PSYCHO WHO CAN'T STAY AWAY FROM MY MAILBOX.

My weapons are clean and ready. Just sayin'. SoOOoo frustrating. The guy who rides along (or specifically TAKES me) won't accept gas money. With prices up to $3 a gallon, I feel SO guilty. =/ He drops everything he's working on (and he has a serious position with the company) and does this three times a month for me. Surely there's something I can do for him.

FREAKY DREAM last night, that's STILL creeping me out. Without going into all of it, the bottom line is I noticed this bump -- like a spider bite, ingrown hair, or whatever -- on my left, inner thigh about mid-way. I starting poking at it, as I'm wont to do, and suddenly, I felt this HUGE knot underneath what I /thought/ was just a little surface bump/bite. I squeezed it, and it hurt like a mofo, when, it's graphic so I'll put a cut here...don't go thur unless you wanna read this crap...

Anyway I squeezed it, and at first, this wicked, greenish-brown crap started oozing out. I was totally disgusted and remember it was odiferous, as if it was gangrene or something (yes, I know what it smells like, having spent so much time in long-term orthopedic recovery and watching the elderly lose legs and arms). So I kept squeezing, making this "OW" noises and "OMGs" and other exclamations, loud enough to get the very UNWANTED attention of a couple of friends. They came over to watch, and advised me to go to the E.R. But oh no, I had to keep squeezing as long as it was productive. I told my girlfriend to grab the peroxide, got a lighter, and only had tweezers with me, so I disinfected the tweezers with the lighter...once the greenish-brown crap was out, I noticed and oh my GOD IN HEAVEN, FELT like staples were being pulled from my thigh, or more specifically, the feeling you get when someone is pulling a drainage tube from surgery out of your leg. I had NO CLUE what the HELL it was, but it was long, green, but flat. I kept pulling with the tweezers, and about a FOOT of it was pulled out of my leg, along with infectious fluids that were just DISGUSTING. Although it was HORRIBLY painful, I continued, not wanting ANY OF THAT left in my leg. My girlfriend decided to just "hop in and help" and in her haste, cut it off, leaving the wound/bump/opening shut. I freaked out, and told her "the head is still in there!! It'll grow back if we don't get the head out!" Somewhere in all of this, we decided I had a freakin' round/ring/tape-worm in my LEG, and that's why I could/wasn't gaining weight. BUT OMG IT WAS GROSS.

WHY.THE.HELL would I have a dream like that?! I've searched through the wounded recesses of my brain, through several books, and across the net and NOTHING can help me puzzle through ALL the symbolism in this dream. I have bits and pieces which accurately describe this situation or that; but not the whole picture.

So...for the rest of today, I'll freak out until I have that dream completely understood. You don't HAVE A DREAM like that, so detailed (this was just a very small part of it) and NOT wanna know WHY. Ughhhhhhh. I've never had one even SIMILAR to it, so it's kinda freaking and grossing me out.

In other news, there is sun on my horizon :) I'm gonna start writing like a Chinese fortune cookie. /I/ understand it, and that's all that counts. :) The new employee is great, and I feel a lot better today even though I didn't sleep much last night. Ughhh. I have a feeling this weekend will be spent horizontal, even though I was invited by my crew to go "practice" with them. I don't think so. Gotta get my sleep, and also get the house in order for Kelsey's return.

Mkay. I've wasted enough time on all this (and you shouldn't have read if you still are). Back to werrrrrrrrrrk!

I warned ya. ;p

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