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Birmingham, Alabama and MTV ?

An odd coupling, yet...

So this guy at Hollywood Vid convinced me to watch a movie about quad rugby (which I have a real-life interest in, due to a very special, long-time friend who used to play).

No, this isn't about quad rugby, quadrapolegics, nor rugby, even.

I'm just wondering why every year, Birmingham, Alabama and MTV get together? LOL.

Is it because what's his name moved back here? I mean, he was a pioneer for MTV and is from Birmingham.

Is it Michael Jordan? He became a "regular face" for a couple of years while playing baseball. Just an ordinary guy in our eyes.

But er...sports, MTV and Birmingham are all joined together -- nay! spotlighted -- annually for some obscure, bizarre and unknown reason. I do know that it's getting real creepy, seeing places which are dangerously close (like within MILES) to my HOUSE on MTV movies, hearing and reading about it, and seeing accompanying photos. Kinda puts all of us in some kind of risky situation. While I understand Birmingham pretty much remains "smeared" by our "elders" (the racism issues from the '60s, specifically), um, doesn't the rest of the world kinda think we might have all that worked out around here?

And so this year's "Birmingham/MTV/Sports thing, is Kelsey's high school football team.

Er...I just wonder what's NEXT.

Just sayin'. Weirdness.


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