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Ooo weird. Halloween-y

Decision Decision

Eeps. Yes, I have a black body suit I'll wear under it (and will also wear makeup). But I'll be the unknown Aeon Flux for Halloween tomorrow at work. :D Yikes.

Not gonna cop out and be a soldier. This was when I finished adding that cheap crap to my hair. With the full-on makeup, I'm a fairly decent Aeon ;-) It's amazing what black eyeliner and "serious eyebrows" can do to your face :D Of course, not many have seen the movie...and I'm sure that bodysuit is completely against company regs, since you can pretty much tell my TEMPERATURE by looking at it. Heh. *snort* Between Kelsey and I, we put together a tres cool ensemble. The makeup "finishes" it. I'll try to remember the deegeetal tomorrow :>


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