Creeping Through The Cellar Door (none_too_subtle) wrote,
Creeping Through The Cellar Door

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Kelsey's is cuter. Fresher, newer...without any tell-tale signs of ... living life on her smooth, unbelmished skin. :D

Yeahhhhhhh, back in the CBGB days (when I was playing backup keyboard for Pink Floyd or David Bowie, and they called me "Blondie"), we were so adored, that Andy Warhol did US before Marilyn. His ghost did it. Really. It's true. We KNOW FAMOUS PEOPLE LIKE THAT EVEN AFTER THEY DIE!! Heh.

I'm NOT gonna become one of those old boring, lame losers sitting at a bar, or the Awful House, telling my tales of "the good ole days". I realized in my last entry that MAN, I'm coming close just by some observations. Boring old geezer, bemoaning the new days, regaling the old. Yeah.

I hush now. But these were fun to make :D

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