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SO CREEPY, the hair on the back of my neck is standing out.

So I'm making my "Back To England" list (or get back on the mothership and get outta my country), put the movie "The Interpreter" on pause, talked with a buddy, checked out all the MySpace comments (and Yahoo 360 ones), responded, etc. etc., and after an hour, came back to the movie. I'd had it paused for a bit.

When I pressed "play", at the bottom of my television were these words:

Look at me. [line break]
I'll take care of you.

Okay. I'm SO SERIOUSLY CREEPED OUT that my hands are shaking. I couldn't get those words OFF the television monitor until just now (I reset the television and cable box that it's hooked up to). I're thinking "maybe she had on closed-caption, or accidentally hit the button." If you've seen the movie, first, you'd know those words aren't IN IT. Second, my remote and I are closer than my ex-husband and I were; so I could hit the buttons in my sleep to pause it without hitting that complicated combination for CC, and third, closed caption appears in the center of the screen in a different font. I checked.


It would be nice to think that HOME is my safe haven; but if someone (or hell, someTHING) can tap into my television and send me a message from WHERETHEHELLEVER, then no place is safe, right? O_o

WHAT?? WHO?? I've run down a list of "who could do this'" in my head for the past half hour. Who has the technology? Who has the know-how? AND WHAT IS GOING ON? Why do they want me to look, and who says I need someone to take care of me?!

I swear, I felt like I was losing my mind. I wish I'd taken a screep cap of it., I don't because it was creepy, particularly after the lengthy conversation my dad and I had on the phone today.

Yikes. That was just way bizarre. "Sensing the dead" or their presence was creepy enough, when it happpened last year. But for my freakin' television to "go online" is WAY creepier. While I realize it was probably just some elaborate "prank" (probably from the same idiot/stalker who called me at midnight last night pulling the *67 trick on my cell), that doesn't make it any /less/ creepy.

The only person who I'd THINK wants to take care of me is in another state right now, and besides -- doesn't have the knowledge, or wouldn't even THINK to do that.

I remember working as a floater for an ivory-tower law firm in the evenings when I first returned to the U.S. (idle hands, and all the money was great, working two jobs). The point of this is that there was a legal secretary there who was STELLAR in her job performance, but was straight-up yellow wallpaper, saying the craziest sheize, i.e., she told someone her washing machine told her things, and sent her messages.

MAN. I'm turning into THAT chick. Or someone wants me to THINK I'm crazy. I'm just sayin', it was singularly the MOST CREEPY THING that's ever happened to me. Ever. And the message wasn't mean, spiteful or harmful. The fact that someone tapped in to my television freaks me out on a level I never visit in my head.

Stop the ride and let me off. Yikes.

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