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Despite my best efforts to avoid all crud, my freakin' throat is KILLING me, and swallowing Sprite has become quite the feat for today.

Strep. I'm sure of it now. Running a significant fever, feel like CRAP, and my throat's swollen almost shut. Started taking a round of anti-biotics this morning (and hopefully have enough to clear this crap up). After all the measures I go through daily to AVOID getting this shiite, LOOKY AT WHAT HAPPENED.

And no, no random kissing, not here, not there, not anywhere. Not in a box, not with a fox...*cough*.

Too much going on to journal, and I feel like crapioli, so I /shouldn't/ journal.

So besides my weird poltergeist which is effecting all things electronic around me, I'm also contagious. Stay away from my journal, because I'm thinking it has the ability to kinda rub off on ya, too.

The end.

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