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Oozing into work

I didn't drive this morning; I OOZED my way in. Echhh! Don't get me wrong...I'm a huge fan of rainy days (especially a good storm), but I don't like drivin' in it. I hydroplaned about 20 times (surely, traffic around me was fearful...I just grinned and kept slidin' around...I have, after all lived and driven in Europe on the Autoban in the winter...so there). Took K to school, and had a nice little chat with her :) Got my day started off right. :D Note to all parents -- actually talk to your cheejren first thing in the morning. It'll change your whole day's perspective.

My head and back hurrrrrrrrrt (pout, whine). Michael gave me a shoulder rub, but I'm thinking I need to see a chiropractor. Um...I don't trust them. Girls, can I hear a HELL-EE-YA? :D Bunch of perverts they are.

And today's a rain out. Of course, our guys get to go home...but do they? Um...no. They decide to hang out in MY office, like I'm in need of company. GIT OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. They actually think it's a 'smoking office' which definitely isn't helping with the headache. I'm gonna start knockin' them around if they don't quit it. :)

Today WILL be uneventful, because I'm making sure of it. I think I'll truly be making progress with my personal life if I HAVE NOTHING to say in this little journal, other than quirky things I notice that happen to OTHER people. Think THAT'LL ever happen? Uh...fat chance. Hahahah. However, I'm going to do MY part to keep my life peaceful and conflict free. Positive peeps only. And be warned...I DO have a headache, so those of you who know me, approach with serious caution. :-O

Shrinkage and its benefits

Have an appointment with meine doc today; have some serious issues to discuss with him, goals to set, some accomplished, some I'm working on -- but truly making progress with, finally. I finally found one I enjoy and trust. I highly recommend all of yas (especially you gifted ones) see someone; they're good for bouncing ideas off of and affirming that you're not WRONG when you have a bad feeling about things being done to you, or things you're sure of, but are being told otherwise. Trust yourselves! You have to...only the trustworthy can BE trusted.

Stay outta the rain! :)


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