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Date? Eh?!

So I'm asked out tonight on a "date". My bad. I've had two ask me out tonight, both of whom are safe, both of whom I've previously dated (one kinda serious, one kinda...friendly).

What do I say?

GEEZ. What's WRONG with me?!

I'm still vascillating. It might make me feel better about a whole bunch of things if I just do it.

Ugh. I'm tired of saying "no", and this is boyscout after all. Right after him, JD -- safe, fun, sweet, considerate, concerned...*sigh*. =/ I've told them no before, yet I've backtracked, and I'm sure THEY are counting on me caving in later on today. Yay. It increased exponentially from one call to the next.

Sometimes, I think I need to be saved from myself.

In other bizarre-ish/ironic-ish/sad-dish news, I might be required in Huntsvegas, and soon. I know, I know...runnnnn. =(

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