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V.D. update

The stakes have been raised to five invites (three of whom are total strangers to me), and the get-together with my girly friends. So that's six.

Um. No.

Just don't have the motivation. Plus I have an egg-sized knot in my throat. I realize it would probably do me good to take SOMEone up on it, but...I'd be horrible company, all things considered. And that longgggggg, legal conversation has left me with a serious headache. Bleh.

And yay...a necessary letter:

Dear Wombat:

Is English your second or third language?!

You know me. So imagine how *happy* I was when the florist showed up? That's right. If you were here right now, I'd most likely punch you in the face.

While my inclination is to walk outside in the parking lot (or better yet, go down the street to the strip mall and sell them, because well, you can't EAT FLOWERS), oddly I found grinding them in the garbage disposal more pleasing.

I realize those who read this will think "how mean! how cruel!" because they don't know the whole back story. Not about V.D., not about you, and particularly not about a conversation we JUST HAD about my feelings on all this. You KNOW my real-life situations AND how I feel, and STILL did that. I don't feel it necessary to explain myself to those who'll have the joy of reading this, but will say that I had very good reasons, and BOUNDARIES, boundaries which you continually jump over/run through/trample.

Next time you want to waste $50, $60, $70, please let me know. Because that could buy some groceries, take care of my phone bill (some of us still use modems!), or put gas in the uglymobile. I won't extrapolate on what I can ONLY believe was an ill-given gift any further because what I want to say SHOULDN'T be said in an open entry.

In fact...who, in their right mind, could love something that's gonna die within 72 good hours?!

Oh right -- I believe you /never/ read this. Whatev.

No love, or even sloppy kisses. That's YOUR forte -
The one who takes care of me for realz, yo.

(Ya should'a skipped it. All things considered, I showed GREAT restraint.)

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