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About yesterday and some comments

Just for MORE clarity, especially those who are real-life friends and know more than most on my friend's list (particularly those who post anon... :D), you do realize why I had to screen your comments, or I'd hope so. The specificities of what's going on I'm keeping to myself (or trying).

So I'll kinda respond:

  • KT: Yes I know it's my journal and about me, but others have serious issues, too, and I don't mind if they talk about themselves in here, especially if it's in relation to what I go through. So...YOU shouldn't let comments bother YOU! It is my journal. Good If I had a problem with that comment, I would've said something.

  • CS: You already know all about my situations, but most who read don't. That's why yours isn't showing. It's not personal, sweetie, but remember: HIPAA! LOL :) And you are one of my best friends, even if you ARE five states away, and know WAY more than 95% on the list.

  • BR: You're correct. That's why I don't talk about /which/ in particular. Science gets better every day and let's just hope they do find something. I read an article on it just yesterday (I'm sending you a link via e-mail).

  • AL: The 'rents do not know what's going on, nor do I want them to. Yes, they know about 2003, because I coded and /I/ wasn't sure I'd make it. Thus, I keep the severity, or details, quiet from them; having a weak heart is bad enough. But I have no doubt the 'rents would "learn" all about this, and it would probably upset mia padre too much. If it gets to be a really bad day, I bribe my driving relations. LOL :)

  • AL2: I'm working CONSTANTLY with specialists now, and they've put me on new meds. Hopefully these will help with not only quality of life but keeping me here a little longer :D (...although there are those who wish I wouldn't...DEAL WITH IT!). So if I need ya, I promise I'll call. I should've told you something, since we are pretty close, and I apologize. You saw me every day, so you knew I was sick. I saw your call Friday, and will return it today, I promise. Plus, I want my COOKIES!

  • JS: No, not yet. But I have the paperwork and am in the process of filling it out. I don't think I can survive on what I do get now (no, I know I can't). Still -- just because I have a little problem doesn't mean I can't be functional. We all know, or should, that I have been and shall continue to be as long as I can. Plus there are some legalities tied into this whole thing, which I CANNOT discuss, even in private.

  • KA: This IS every day; however, since I was hit by the car waaaaaay back when, I've learned how to deal with pain. So although I do feel it daily, there are "great" days and "really awful" days. I never know, though, until the morning of (although when I have a rough night, that kinda tells me what to expect the next day). The pain meds are 100% necessary because of this diagnosis. The way the doctor explained it was that if I didn't take these meds (and this LEVEL of meds) that my body or immunities would be too busy fighting the evident pain (and fevers) that it would neglect serious problems going on in my body that need the defense right now. That's why I'm on a higher-scheduled drug, instead of say, lorcet or oxycodone (although I do have Tramadol to take to "boost" it when I'm having a REAL bad day; everyone who suffers from what I have MUST take something, because of the nature of the prob.). Short-term narcotics should never be used to treat something like /this/. This is a lifelong problem, and thus, the doctors know I'll be on something for the rest of my little life :) That's why I chose the patch. They just offered me MORPHENE this past week! Argh. I told her I wanted to be coherent (or as much as I can while I can. I think THAT'S a little extreme.

  • CW: HAHAHAHA. Yes, I can still engage in wild hot monkey sex0rs. LOL. I DON'T because I'm picky. If I wanted to, however, er...yeah. I'll just leave it at that. You be so clazy. In fact, did you know that one orgasm releases 12 of the body's natural pain killers? LOL. It BEHOOVES me to have sex. Lately, though, I haven't reallllllly felt inclined for many reasons, none, really, which are physical. Thus, the lovely NEW med my doc put me on. I can't believe you asked that. Dork. Seriously, physical touch is one of the most important things to EVERYone. It's very therapeutic, so even having close friends (who hold your hand, or rub your back, hug you, etc.) is a good idea. Or to let them close enough is :)

    Okay. So that's all I'm willing to answer/say in response to the "blocked" questions, but you'll see your initials specifically answering your questions. It's all good. :>

    There ya have it.
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