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40 Questions, ganked shamefully from bugtilaheh ;-)

It is 40. So I'll save ya the reading space. :> Skip it, as most probably know the answers. Orrrrrrrrr maybe not. O_o

1. Do you know anyone in prison? No. But I've been trying to contact Boyce.

2. Have you ever logged onto a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush's myspace? NEVER. Unless someone specifically ASKS for me to help, I'd NEVER do that. Ever. Never.

3. When is the last time you ate peanut butter and jelly? Last night, around er, midnight. lol :D

4. Do you have a desk in your room? Yep. Bad decision. Need to move this suckah elsewhere.

5. Have you ever gotten naked at a party? Ummmm...define 'party'. Define, er, 'naked'. Kthnx.

6. What kind of car insurance do you have? Ohhhhh like I'd tell. Nevah.

7. Are you named after one of your parents or grandparents? I was adopted. However, my middle name is after my dad's name. AND EW. My mother ALMOST named me "Tammy". GROSS.

8. Does your FIRST significant other still live in the same town as you? Yep, he does now. Or I do.

9. Do you throw up gang signs? Sometimes, when joking with my kidlette.

10. Have you ever broken a rib? Several.

11. Would you rather be a girl or a guy? Hmm. A guy. Yup. Toys are more fun, plus...yeah :D

12. Who is the most spoiled person you know? KEITH. WITHOUT A DOUBT.

13. Would you rather have a million dollars or true love? True love. $1 mil is more likely in my world, I'm thinkin'. LOL. Okay, that's not funny.

14. Have you ever had sex in church? OMG. Define "sex". *coughhhhhhhh* Is it okay if I was ashamed and repented? it okay if it was a YOUTH house or something? Nvrmnd. OF COURSE NOT.

15. Is your boyfriend/girlfriend a marine? I don't have a bf/gf, but I have had a couple of marine boyfriends in ze past. :)

16. Do you watch the Grammy's? I don't watch TV ever.

17. Would you ever work for the border patrol? UM YES. Grrr.

18. Which one word would describe your last relationship? Destructive.

19. Would you rather date someone 2 years older than you or 20 years older than you? TWO. 20 would be...grotesque I think.

20. Have you ever had an eating disorder? No, but I'm SURE PLENTY would loveeeee to tag me with having one. > : o

21. Do you have a porn collection? Define "porn collection" plz. I would nevah.

22. How many proms have you been to in your life? Four. LOL.

23. Have you ever been in an interracial relationship? Yes.

24. Is your birthday on a holiday? No, but I'm convinced most of us were /conceived/ on one. I was conceived on Halloween (by my guestimation). Heh.

25. Are you old enough to vote? GOSH NO. MOMMYYY! MAKE IT STOP. *eyeroll*

26. Do you have any friends or family in the War right now? Too many. =/

28. Do you worry about global warming? Yes.

29. Do you like polar bears? I like them as much as I like /any/ bear.

30. Have you ever been cheated on? Nope. At least I don't think so.

31. What kind of birth control do you use? Errrr. I don't NEED it. Abstinence. (Had a tubal ligation, however...just in case, you know, something accidentally happens.)

32. What slang word(s) do you call marijuana? Scooby snacks. But that's what I call ALL drugs. LOL :>

33. Are you an atheist? LOL no.

34. Did you lose your virginity to your neighbor? GADS NO.

35. Did or do you think your childhood dreams will come true? They did already. :) And then some. I've been really lucky.

36. Do you wear your sweetie's clothes? I tend to "borrow" men's shirts, or those with whom I'm close. I DON'T MEAN TO WEAR THEM FOREVER, IT JUST HAPPENS.

37. What's your opinion on gold diggers? First, that phrase "gold diggers" is stupid. But I feel people who mate/date FOR money are idiots and responsible for giving /all/ of us a bad rap.

39. Is your car a 2002 or higher? Nope.

40. Do you floss daily? Yeppers. Well, most of the time.

Stick a fork in me. I should be done (unless Kelsey comes up with something extra funny/freaky). Busy, busy, busy. And a little panicky.


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