Creeping Through The Cellar Door (none_too_subtle) wrote,
Creeping Through The Cellar Door

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And now, I prepare to whine and procrastinate if not STOP

About the writing contest. Argh. I don't think I can do it. Or won't. Or /will/ find a reason not to do it.

I need a muse BAD. Kelsey's great, and would also make a great "subject". But I feel using her would be a cheap ploy to garner someone's attention in a writing contest.

Let's just be honest (says myself to me, myself and I): I've seen MANY talented writers on El Jay. I don't /care/ if they're in their early 20's, but I'd get smoked like a Christmas turkey. For serious. Don't need all /that/ happening right now. In other words, it's doubtful I even have a shot. C'mon. Everyone and their sister will be entering.

Er, right?

Plus, I have this work to do *waves around at desk*

Yeah. That's right. No contest. Blah.

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