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A little advice about boys and girls and relationships and stuff

Mkay. What's the NUMBER ONE THING you can do to completely run somebody else off?


Get rid of your preconceived notions, because I've polled this one to death.

Talk about them incessantly, let them know that you're MORE than 100% devoted/in love/in lust/whatever to the point of being embarrassing.

If your friends are sick of hearing about it, believe me when I tell you your S.O. is embarrassed. Bet it.

EVERYONE -- without exception -- likes a little mystery. We all want to find out for ourselves, this great puzzle we call life.

But most important? We don't wanna end up with some schmuck who's spent MOST of the year alone, and then find out we're the BEST THING HE'S EVER HAD. I don't care how WORTHY we are. We just like to think he has options.


If we're his only option (not only 'love' but option...big difference), he'll GET BORED.

...or she.

As for your friends, they get SOOOOOOOOOO sick of hearing about it. It's cool at first. You know, when you feel like high school kids and all. But keep it up and we'll think "Yep...I'll start placing BETS on when she's gonna leave his ass."

Yeah, yeah, you can say alllll you want about game playing or whatev; but this is a truth. Believe it.

And no, I won't get into "games people play" because there are EXHAUSTIVE books on that very subject. We all do it. Some are just evil.

Guys? Girls? There's a HUGE difference in being delighted by your love and then, TELLING everyone how much (and then more).

If I wasn't so sweet, I'd start taking bets on one in particular as to how fast he/she is gonna leave him/her. There's nothing MAGICAL, nor MYSTERIOUS.

Plus, it kinda leaves everyone (including the S.O.) nauseated because this person -- despite the subject on which they speak or conversation -- can't say ONE THING without bringing up WHATAGREATCOUPLETHEYAREEVEREVERINTHEINVERSESFOREVEROMGZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

ENOUGH! She/He is gonna leave you!!!

This has been a public service announcement from someone who's been down your path before, and been the one who BAILS out of boredom. Thank me later.


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