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I love the funmobile /so much/ that I could

Really have some hot monkey love with it forever, three times a day. If I could only figure out how. Heh.

Had to run critical (WAY beyond critical) errands today, and it was so nice out I thought "Why not? Drive the funmobile, top down, enjoy!" And so I did. Not only do the attitudes of drivers change when I'm in it, but that car is just FUN TO DRIVE.

No. I still haven't had the top repaired for painfully obvious reasons. =/

Attention Flickr users: This has been happening sporadically -- with one photo at a time either being "swapped" with a stranger's or pics just missing -- but TODAY, I came home to find more than 50 photos GONE from that site. OMG. THE ANGER. IS. No. Not gonna go there. But if you do use Flickr as a photo storage site, RUN. I've already taken advantage of copyright law, but that's not good enough. I get WAY too many hits on that page alone that it could take YEARS (if ever) to find my photos. The sickening part of this is that they took the most viewed photos starting with the first, and so on. In other words -- photos that have been viewed more than 3,000 times were GANKED. GONE.

Coincidence? Hardly.

So I uploaded, 30 today, only to lock up ALL my Flickr photos until I decide what, precisely, to do about it and how to save ALL that crap. There are more than 250 pictures in Flickr. That doesn't include the Yahoo 360 photo page. Ugh! How do you MOVE that many, anywhere?!

Yep. It's a day, alrighty.
SoOOooo nauseated today. More than yesterday. STOP BLAMING NUKE MEDS. IT'S ALL THAT FREAKIN' WATER THAT MAKES ME SICK. LOL. Two more appointments were scheduled for me by my doctor (of course I wasn't informed until they called me today. Way to be RIGHT ON TOP OF IT, VICTOR ALPHA). Ummmm. I don't wanna go =/

The rest of the day was relaxing. I'm wearing too much makeup, however. I don't know how women do it. My faces just FEELS dirty with all this crap on it. Despite "compliments" I garner when wearing too much, the fact is I only overdo it when I'm overly pale (i.e., after treatment, etc.), or really sick. NICEEEEEEEEE e. Got a bunch of errands run, drove like a bat outta hellio in the funmobile, and remembered why I bought that car in the first place. LOVE. I'M IN LURRRRVE WITH MY CAR. So sad.

Headrubbing: Reached critical stage. I need one! Not just want. This is a need, dammit. Or a nice, sweet, back/head rub. WHATEV. As if such a thing exists. I don't think there's a man on the planet capable of doing that So that's that.

Mystery Shopping (NARMs dealio)
Just turned down an inane mystery shopping gig for TONIGHT (HEY! NICE HEAD'S UP, NARMSMFSOBCSA) because (1) it wouldn't pay for the GAS nor wear on the auto to travel to these two stores; (2) although given an allowance, and allowed to KEEP purchases, I'd rather HAVE THE MONEY; (3) I do get paid for both trips, but I also have to MAKE PURCHASES (see number 2...gimme the dollahs); and (4) flare. Need I say more? They really need to plan that out better. I gave the guy a run-down on these two retailers, just so he'd know what he's up against. He might be rethinking that lil pay. He even tried to negotiate with me on the phone; but after doing the math, I'd end up ALMOST breaking even (in my estimation). Yeah. So I'm not going for that lil mystery shopping job-lette. NARMs, however, is a great source for these sporadic, daily jobs, MOST OF WHICH pay quite well, especially if you have a fairly decent resume (with adequate experience), a good rep with the companies who use them, and it's kinda fun. If you're not SICK.

I suppose it's good for her that she's with her dad right now, due to my body. Blah. I have SO MANY household things that need to be accomplished, but DON'T have the energy to do them. I couldn't open a SPRITE BOTTLE today. I'm getting weak, so I've decided swimming or not, I'm going to start with weights, and begin working out. I owe it to her to be "as healthy as possible" when she's with me. I found some charcoals/chalks for her FINALLY. They were only $8. WOAH. That's awesome. I ordered them, and they should arrive by Friday. I'm sooooo excited, since I'm also working on an oriental piece for my bedroom (it and my bathroom are both oriental-bent). I'm all Feng-Shuing up in here. Or something. I do have an enviable shower curtain :D Heh. Need to take digitals of my comfy living A.O. I've always wondered what my FRIENDS homes look like. :) Cool. I WANNA SEE. If you've read this far, please post a pic of at least one room in your crib! PLEAAAAAAAASEEEEEEE?!

Plus, mysticknyght wo ist meine V.S.?! HUH? HUH? HUHHHHHHHH? Nvrmnd. That's best reserved, e-mail or something. don't WANT ME to SHARE DO YA? O_o

300 wha?
So I've seen TONS of advertisement and kinda wanna go see it. Grr. I loathe going to the theaters, but...this one seems worth it. Hm.

So many other things that need to be journaled, but of course they'll end up private or "The Unsaid". Yup yup.

And that's that.


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