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MAKE. IT. STOP. Losers in life and their footsoldiers...


It happened /again/ and I'm sooooo sick of ... reading it.

You know what? If you're sick, or have been, do us ALL a favor: Don't use that shit FOR ETERNITY to garner "special favors". In the /real/ world, I assure you -- they will not only hate you for it, but the only special "favors" you'll get will be a slap in the face.

You don't LOOK sick. /I/ don't look sick.

You are NO LONGER sick. I STILL AM. But I have /never freakin ever/ used my illness to "springboard" my career.

You are SUCH a freakin' loser. I wonder if it even occurs to you that you are??

I'd bet you have no idea. Because you're YOUNG AND A LOSER.

Hey! I have an idea! Why not try getting something on MERIT instead of "OHPOORMEIWASSOCSICKBUTLOOKATHOWIOVERCAMEIT!!" JESUS.


Seriously. I'm sick to DEATH of reading that shit.

What's worse, is that when I started reading (because the other crap this person writes ain't EVAH worth reading) I thought to myself "watch...'the dreaded omgilived' illness will be mentioned, again, in an effort to get this person what they want." HOW RIGHT WAS I?!?!

Disgusting, repulsive, and hey! No-talented losers - sick or not - ain't ever gonna win on this merry-go-round. Didn't you get the freakin' memo?!?!?

Ugh. ONE. MORE. TIME. And that person's taking a FLYING FREAKING LEAP from my list.

That's right. This is someone on my FRIEND'S LIST.

I'm sure my /truly/ sick friends, just like me, resent people just like THAT ONE. We DO live through it, and don't try to get jobs/curry favor/etc. BECAUSE of it.

Ugh. Loser. Oh wait...I'm being repetitious.

Just like "freakin'". You can NEVER say "freakin'" too much when you're...sick to DEATH of this kinda crap. FREAKIN', FREAKIN', FREAKIN' EVER.

Yeah, I'm talking about you if you think I am. Bet. Freakin' no-talent/no-life/going NOWHERE/two-time loser.

Gosh, that was mean, so I'll kinda strike most of it from the record. *snort* Thank me later by...OH I DUNNO, LEAVING MY FRIEND'S LIST? Yeah! What's that? Why don't *I* remove you? Because it's just like breaking it off from a bad boyfriend -- the one WHO drops is usually "disfavored" in everyone's eyes. And I ain't gonna play victim, unlike you. Quietly disappear, kthnx, and I'll never mention who you are.

Actually, I'll never mention who you are ANYway. Because that would give you PLAY up in here. Not gonna happen.


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