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Defunct/Dysfunctional Placeholders

So...I really, REALLY tried to read my friend's page, but couldn't do it. Why? Because (1) my computer is old, tired and I'm on dialup; but most important, (2) WTF IS UP WITH ALL THE VIDEO/IMAGES/ETC. THAT DEFEAT MY PLACEHOLDER SETTINGS?!?!

Seriously?!?! Believe it or not, some of us don't give a good rat's ass about stupid random images, and would rather "read" about our buddies. I'm about to either pull the Houdini (which I've been thinking REAL hard about doing anyway), or just drop some people/communities off my list.

Don't be a jackass. Be considerate of your friend's pages.

That was a much-needed PSA.

*(Note -- All my efforts at scaring/angering/freaking out people from my friends list have thusfar failed. Maybe this will work, but most likely, I'm not thinking so.)

Note duh: I hate having to "break up" first, but um...since I was unable to really go back to read, looks like Imma do it. So if you're on my friend's list and suddenly see that I've vanished, just be glad I'm not a drama queen who'll yap behind your back; we all know I'd MUCH RATHER humiliate you to your face.

Yeahhhhh. I'm a happy camper today.

One more note, because it's weird. I did notice this FREAKISH trend among my friend's list specificially (sans the feeds and communities -- people seem to really change their style, frequence of posting, and even the way they speak when someone on their list disappears. The entries I was able to read were...bizarre. It seems like a good deal of friends have /completely/ changed style over the past couple of weeks, or at least moderately shifted. I think there's more to the whole "blog sociology" thing than we'd like to give credit for, although I'm not at all saying that my absence made them different. LOL (Er, okay ... in some instances, I think it might've...but far be it for me to start pointing that fanger.)

My proclivity to investigate/poll/experiment is almost overwhelming on this front. However, I realize the drama all that could stir up, too. And to ME, as always, this is a JOURNAL. Not about to jeopardize the intregity of that simple mission statement here, simply because peeps are writing differently.

Feel free to comment. Just don't feel free to get stupid in my journal. Today's not a real good Ter day, so yeah. Behave. I /am/ gonna screen for obvious reasons. ;-)


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