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Woah...those Alabama Senators sure get busy with a little e-mail...

...from your attorney/friend/trusted-confidante/etc.

This is sort of a public service announcement for real-life friends who read this. Everyone else can just skip it, as it's boring.

After talking with another doctor from the V.A. today, they wanted to admit me tonight. However, I deferred and convinced her to see me tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. There is a very good chance that I'll be admitted (in fact, I seriously think they will), so this is a head's up to (a) not worry and e-mail like crazy, I'm still in this freakin' body...I'm thinking so anyway; and (b) if I don't respond, you'll know it's because I'm with the Victor Alpha, who could keep me indefinitely and that's kinda creepy so come rescue me, kthnx.

I won't/don't need to get in to details of all this, but if I'm not admitted tomorrow, again, there's a good chance I will be by Monday. It's up in the air, depending on what we discuss and the courses of action which are required at this point. But I didn't want you guys (you know who you are) to mail me, not get a response, and worry, since some of you tend to.

Although you are very few on my list (and some lurkers, like Sgt. Maj. Bill and real-life, long-time friends), you are the kind and genuinely concerned ones; and if I haven't told you, I love you dearly, even those of you I only know in here. You guys have, in some odd, internet-kinda way, become very dear to me since I've known you, some of you have literally SAVED me, and I'm so proud to call you "friend". I'm sure "yous" know who yous are. :) There are more than one who genuinely care and would do anything to help, if the need arises, and have in the past. In a world gone mad, yous guys :), the small handful who do make a real difference, give me hope that maybe you are contagious, and others will do good things as a result. In times like these, that hope is so small, it's almost a whisper, and yet yous guys have proven it consistently since I've known you. I've been negligent in not telling you how much you mean to me, so I'm doing it now. None of us are promised tomorrow, and I'm not going to wait another day without telling you how much you mean to me, and what a large difference your help has made, your concern, your humanity.

There's the possibility I might not be admitted at all, in which case this will look kinda crazy in retrospect. But since the doctor demanded I have a designated driver (not supposed to be driving right now), has the phone number of aforementioned, and plans have been made, I'm thinking that yeah, this will happen. It's a good thing, though, so again don't be afraid for me. I'm not afraid, now that they're actually /doing/ something.

So that's that. I'm tired, and just wanted to give you guys who are in my life (and in my heart, as goofy as it sounds) notice so you wouldn't worry.

Muchos love until...maybe tomorrow :> Behave yourselves, and if you don't, name it after me. That's Terri with an eye. :) Celebrate your good health, your jobs, those who love you and you come home to every day.

Cut along, class.

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