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I'm officially certified! :) Hahaha. Got an achievement certificate and airything...I am now qualified to...well...I won't say here...hahaha...it really IS laughable.

Despite our rain out, our instructor showed up. Tis always a pleasure when he does, for he is cool, good looking, and rides a Harley (yuppy Harley tho, vintage, mint!). He's got that mysterious quiet thing going on, too. I like him...of course we always flirt...but now, I'm thinking that he doesn't have a reason to visit us no mo (sniff, pout, whineeeeeee). So I volunteered to instruct with him. BAAAA HA HA HA. YEAH AW HAW. Hey, it was worth a shot :) HEY! EASY! I'm certified :) Don't MAKE me come out to your house and do terrible things to your um...well, nevermind. Hahaha.

Um...do they count?!

I have SO MANY 'certificates of achievement' now that I'm qualified to: run any company, including an accounting firm (and run a general ledger, by God), be a superhero, be Lancelot, be a certified electrician, editor, 'streamliner', give classes in procrastiation (no joke), and run gas services. I realize that it costs a great deal of money for specific training; but it used to MEAN something when you got a certificate of achievement. I have plenty that actually mean something (and have medals for them, as well...valor, believe it or not, being one of them). So I'm staring at my latest achievement, and wondering if I really achieved ANYthing besides making one of the top scores in my class. Hm. Another piece of fancy paper to hang on my "I Love Me" wall (no, it hasn't been erected since I moved, but will be...in the bedroom; can't let EVERYone see your achievements, because you'd look like a modern-day Forrest Gump). Hahahah. Feels good, though :) Not many have the certifiable braggin' rights to even an eighth of MINES...so there... :)


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Here is Belladonna, the Lady of the Rocks,
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