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Saturday Night's Allright For Fightin'

Say it ain't so!
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I actually made it out last night! How can this be?! And as SOON as we walked into our destination, this woman is in my face.

K's best friend's mom
Oooooo goody! It's bad enough when you run into people you haven't seen for years; but to run into someone who is the mother of a child who spends the night at your place all the time is um...well, embarrassing for her. We had our lil group and they joined us. The mom was half lit, much to my shock, and we ended up dancing. Bruhahahah. Of course, every guy standing around us tried to join in. Was pretty funny. Some 12 year old boy was all up in my face, and ended up following me around for the rest of the night. A good time was had by all. Of course, I made it a point not to make eye contact with any guy but did that deter them? No. I was there to try and 'scout' for one of my friends :D Instead, I'm now obligated to go out with the mom and her friends once a month. Yikes. I can't imagine going out like that monthly. Er...what about my 8 p.m. bedtime/curfew? :D

Keith to the rescue
It was so late when we got back, that I just stayed over there. I'm allergic to the dogs, so this morning I woke up and my eyes were all puffy. Ech. He was already awake, bouncing around demanding that we go see a movie today. UHHH. I've had my public exposure for the year, Mmmmmkay? It's supposed to be good, so I'll probably go kicking and screaming. He did find one of my friends attractive; they hit it off quickly. She's in the Army (which is kinda cool) and very gregarious/outgoing. Anyway, sparks flew and by God, I complete my mission. :) I'm sure they'll go out this week.

My bed! *pout*
Right now, I just wanna crawl into my bed. However, I've committed to going OUT to the movies to see "Tears of the Sun." And now, he's threatening to make me go to a 7:30 movie (and dinner) in an effort to (a) feed me; and (b) force me to leave the house and get used to it. I'm sure it's not my company he wants...hahaha. I'm surprised we haven't gotten into a scrap yet. I'm thinking all this time I've been spending with Keith is sooner or later lead to a fight. It's inevitable. Of course, I'm so SORE from dancing (yeah, we were throwin' downnnn last night, baby), I barely made it up my stairs to the bedroom. So he's safe...for now.

Ja, a good time was had by all. Just glad I didn't get in a fight with any of those guys at the club. Got a lil smart with a few overly persistant ones, and glared at one who wouldn't stop staring. The nerve!

Das est alles. Wilco.
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