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And this has to be said

I know of two family members who've read my journal.

But to know that MANY of them read my journal, KNOW how sick I am and have been, and have NEVER offered to help, makes me feel sick on so many levels and for different reasons that I can't even get in to it.

Happily, I've kept so much to myself and in friend's only entries. Evil. There is no other word for it.

I feel like some serial rapist just rummaged through my underwear drawer.

THAT'S RIGHT. YOU. GET...THE HELL...OFF MY JOURNAL. You want /nothing/ to do with me, and yet READ ME?

You're jealous because not only do I speak English, but I comprehend what I read, too. I know it's befuddling, but true. Maybe YOU want to go back and REALLY READ. It's clear, while mentioning my LIVE JOURNAL, that no one READ beyond the fact that I finally opened it.

Ugh. And that's really all I'll say about it. It's gross knowing your family members are all rubbing their hands together, reading about your daily life.

Believe me. Nasty.

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