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"Professional" headshots and signatures

Since summercamp and others have brought it up, I can prove that my signature is the WORST EVER. Here ya go...a lil pictoral of climbing the ladder, both in image and, the worst handwriting you'll ever see :D

In the beginning, I wouldn't allow them to use a real head shot. Grr.

It was only a matter of time before we all became groundhogs at this publication. They even CHOPPED MY HAIR for the photo. Wha?

So when it was time to update, I wore black, thinking "surely, the pics won't get /worse/"...WRONG.

The mo money you make, the mo professionals work on your headshot /and/ your signature. At least mine is consistently awful. :D The headshot was...just...ugh.

And I *did* fight them over the headshot. I got away with it until I was promoted. I lost the fight at that point. But looky. My signature got better! lol

I warned j00 and warned j00 but oh no. That must've ruined your day. It did /mine/. *snort*

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