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Sleep? But why?

First, a GREAT and apropos quote:

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King, Jr.

See. I've been saying this all along, and stumbled on *his* quote, which had to have formed during a similar time period in his life.

I woke up around 10 tonight, and can't go back to sleep. I've finally cleaned all the boxes out of my closet, put stuff away, and am in the process of arranging 573285738295783529758729 shoes in a box designed to roll under the bed. I thought, at first, I'd give some away to the firestation (as I have been with clothes, linens and little useful things that I have too much of). But after checking each pair, I still wear and love them. So it looks like I won't be parting with any shoes.


Heh. You need to get crackin' on that little assignment, because I'm losing sleep over the thought of they and I being kept apart. Plus, 8 is a common size in women's shoes. If you don't hurry up and order my size they'll be gone and I'll be sad! LOL.

Er...they're great for suits, you know, for INTERVIEWS? I NEED THEM!!!

Okay. So my sinuses are allll clogged up from being under the bed, stirring up areas in the bedroom which haven't been touched since I've been here, and cleaning common areas like crazy with bleach this past week. My hands are sore, and have developed callouses. And that lower-back cyst thing is back. OMG. After what my doctor buddy told me about the FIRST one, this one is really creeping me out. No wonder I can't sleep.

Lulu publishing
So again, I wandered over to Lulu, and tried to do a to-the-penny estimate on the cost of publishing the journal. I absolutely (one day, when I'm working and can afford it) want a copy of the whole thing. As it stands right now, and being totally realistic, I could get 10 books (which is how many my journal, maxed out, is) for $280. THAT'S A HUGE CHUNK OF CHANGE. I don't understand why they can't just upload the plain old PDF, print it out in OH I DUNNO, five books, and then spiral-bind them. Spiral binding is an option, but still fairly expensive. I thought about just purchasing one. I could get /one book/, bound any way I please, and not pay more than $30 for it. In hardcover, if I got 10 more people to buy the same copy we'd get a discount.

Then I'd have to CHOOSE which parts of my journal are most interesting. WHAT A SNORE. IT'S ALL TOO BORING.

So. The journal's too boring to be printed out, and if I did it, I'd elicit the help of someone here in Birmingham (local printers who I know through the bidness) or a plain old Kinko's. I did pick up the pdf and started reading it. It was good enough for me not to want to stop reading it, so I figured, what the hey -- it's worth owning it in hard copy, if only to make note in columns. Plus, it would provide double copyright protection, too.

Alrighty, back to the shoes. I could /try/ to get sleep, but I just don't feel it right now. And it /is/ Saturday.



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