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So much, no time, no privacy

Not going to be able to make a /true/ update, due to privacy issues which need to be kept to myself, but journaled nonetheless.

Life kind of flipped on me, and I'm rolling with this change. Unforeseen incidences, and bad decisions would be topping that list. I don't know how I could've misjudged /that/ badly. Of course, due to deception there was no way I /could've/ known about the other. Yes, this will sound obscure, because it has to. This will also be brief.

Kelsey issues. New situation won't afford any time with her. That's unacceptable.

PhD. Don't even want to talk about it. I /cannot stand/ someone who's unpredictable in a bad way, or takes what I say and twists it into something other than its intended meaning.

SoOoooooooo tired. I feel like I've been hit by a truck. Grueling work schedule is guaranteed to kick meine arse.

Victor Alpha. ARGHHH. Again, jumping through hoops of fire to get something /done/ with them. I'm so sick of this I could scream. Called twice today, and have to call back AGAIN this afternoon for something that needs to be done tomorrow. I have a doctor's appointment Friday, and I'm sure work will LOVEEEEEEEEEEE that.

So there's new hope on the horizon and it happened VERY quickly. PRAY this is it. I am. It just /feels/ right. Can't say that about the fun thing, but I did think it would be...well, fun. It's anything BUT. The new thing isn't supposed to be fun, but it is definitely fulfilling. Vague. Obscure. Sorry.

I need a haircut.

This was the third most random entry I've ever made.

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