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You know you're "older" when

1) Ballroom dancing classes sound fun.

2) Getting a Winnebago and traveling all over the U.S. seems like a fun way to enjoy retirement. lol

Yeah. Besides "baby fever" I'm also thinking "woooo ballroom dancing sounds fun!" I'm caught in between two bizarre worlds, I'm thinking.

I saw mother's handwriting today on an envelope and it made me cry. It was my name. I realized she'll never write my name or send me a birthday card ever again.

Last week, I realized that PhD will never get to meet my dad and it made me /really/ sad. They would've been fast friends, since they have so much in common. All these things, so full of regret which I try to keep out of my life, and now, I can do nothing about.

I suppose there's a lesson for everyone in this. It's painful, but a lesson nonetheless.

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