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Do unto others; but forget yourself

Yeahhhh. Why is it that a friend can call up and ask for help, and I rush over, but when I need the same thing, won't do it for myself?

Late starts lead to late evenings
Thanks to my favorite chat bud, airechica I didn't make it over to BS's until later than I was intending. Which was fine, since she always cheers me up. :) Grabbed about 200 lbs. of laundry (baaa ha ha ha!) somehow fit it into the Miata, and was on my merry way around 1.

Er...ain't you 'sposed to be werkin' boi?
Besides what I'm working on for BS, I was humming along, doing my laundry, when a dark ominous figure comes from nowhere. ACK. He's a big guy, and scared the shiite outta me. He read some of my journal and of course you guys heh, and I should've known -- since he quit early -- that nothing other than laundry would get done. We watched movies, talked about anything and everything, then ordered take out from some deli. HA. Did I forget to mention HE'S as big a hermit as *I* am?! *Wondering why he/I never made it?* Probably because five years' later, they'd find two skeletons, propped up on unnaturally large pillows and bed, with the 'replay' option on the DVD selection at time of death. Heh.

I'm not even going there...
We watched the president, and of course his and my views are completely different (thus the nature of our relationship and fighting). We agreed not to argue about this (since we'd have to be in separate rooms -- it almost came down to that), and listened quietly. I just have ONE QUESTION...WHEN IS BUSH GONNA LEARN HOW TO SAY

Nuclear...NUKELAR isn't a word.??

MMMMMmkay enough with the Bush bash. I dare not get political in here, however...

The precipitous phone call from recruiter
OMG. I swear not five minutes after Bush delivered his speech, my cell phone rings. It is the same recruiter who called last year, offering bonuses, a promotion -- anything to get me 'in' the active reserves here. I explained that I had a P3 profile; and couldn't see them taking me back at this point. Even though news was chock full of 'exiting journalists out of the area,' unfortunately, in the military, the PAOs and journalists are the first to go when there's a skirmish. Trust me, I've been on enough ARTEPs to know this is true. Intelligence and PAO. UM...did that guy think I'm daft? He explained that since Ft. Benjamin Harrison was closed, they were painfully low on qualified PAOs and journalists, and really needed someone like me...hahah to return, and on a full-time reserve basis. RED FLAG. Yeah, okay buddy, I'll hop on the T130, whilst I jump with 400 OTHER guys into the middle of a desert and pray to GOD it doesn't turn out like Grenada. I'll pass. (I told him I'd think about it -- there is the ever-coveted Ernie Pyle media award to consider...).

BS asked why I WOULDN'T consider it, after hearing the discussion. I told him to think about all things (profile included); and then asked him if he would hop back into that dangerous saddle again? I have a feeling that if I didn't have K, I would've considered it seriously. But right now?! ........................

Another movie to cheer us up
We dropped that conversation, I was left to my thoughts, while BS did some things in preparation for his mom's visit (today). Popped in another movie, thought and thought. *Resisting urge to get all military and political here*. Went to check the drier, saw K's stuff softly tumbling, and didn't think about it again until today. ASAP deployment would be inevitable. No more thoughts or returning his phone calls, no matter how desperate the Army is right now (they did offer me a sweet $20k to be

Why fight THERE while everyone's doing it HERE?
I only thought AOL chatrooms were bad. LJ, although a wonderful tool to 'keep up with things in your life, seems to bear many angry people who take it out on strangers, and then try to latch on like some kind of leech, just to cause problems. No, not me. I've been reading friend's journals (and scouting a few), and this is like a bunch of old women standing over the backyard fence talking bad about the 'pick of the week.' WTH? Why are people in here like this?! How could someone be jealous of words on a screen? Did you learn how to read/comprehend? I literally get exhausted reading through threads of animosity, yet can't help myself. So why should we go overseas? I say we have ONE BIG ASS LJ GET TOGETHER AND WEAR NAMETAGS. Yeahhhhhhhhh baby :) That's my solution. I'm sure many would die or disappear (especially if there's a pig far around) but hey! There'd be less angst to read when you're really not in the mood. Heh.

Right arm hurts from lifting bags of laundry. LOL. Eeks. I counted -- I have more than 200 pair of WHITE SOCKS. All I'm saying is that my irresistable urge to buy a pair every time I pass them needs to stop. Can't go on -- those freaking dawgs of which I'm allergic slept on the pillow behind my head, and now my right eye's watering. EEeks.

Ain't it funny
Or not, that when NOTHING goes on, I have more to write about? When I'm actively DOING something, I have nothing to say. No details, no quips of conversation, no serious conversation held between BS and I shared...Hmm...maybe I am secretive when it comes to real life, especially when it gets serious.

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