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Scary dreams and life

I woke up after having several scary sort of dreams in which people died. While I realize that death symbolizes a "change in a relationship", this still doesn't comfort me. In this dream, of course I was in the Army, but this time, boyscout was there. With prostitutes. Who were "healthy and scary" and really dirty looking. Maybe that's what my subconscious feels he deserves. Errrrr...yikes.

Still feeling the effects of gas yesterday, I've been experiencing a bit of vertigo, and have remained -- as instructed -- in bed for the most part. I did have a small project to finish (and I've almost done that), but it'll take another day, I feel, to get back to "normal".

We loves the FedEx man
So here I am, cursing the victor alpha, wondering where in the hellia my overdue meds are. Z came over last night while I was at the dentist, waiting in case FedEx DID show up. They didn't. Since FedEx is so diligent (or at least MY rep is), I blamed the victor alpha on failure to deliver. I've placed a good, 10 calls to them today. Finally, I figured it would be more effective to call FedEx. Sure enough, my FedEx guy delivered *without* signature (which in this case is...abnormal, since they are marked "critical medication: signature required"). The rep on the phone told me that they delivered my packages last night at TEN. Hahhahaha. What the?! Anyway, so yeah. There it was, tucked inside my screen door and safe. How 'bout that FedEx guy? As a result, I called the office here and spoke with his supervisor, telling him how wonderful this guy is. I'm sure they get enough calls with people beechin', but never complimenting their people. He really is great. So is Z, for patiently waiting for my packages OUTSIDE in the heat. He also went and picked up my Rx for me, since I was too out of it to drive.

Nothing's going on today, and I'm updating only to update. I've read a couple of interesting psychology articles, one, about how you can die of a broken heart. I've always thought this was true, and was waiting on someone to prove it. If you think about what all a person goes through when their heart is broken, and how they don't really pay attention to diet, and the amount of stress they're in, it seems reasonable. It just took the med community until NOW to prove it. YEAH YOU CAN CALL ME TB, MD.


Alrighty. I'm rambling, and it's about nothing really interesting, so I'll stop the torture now.


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