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Lonnnnnnnng week coming to an end

Thursday is typically my "happy" day, but for the life of me, I can't remember details due to the medication and intake of gas the day before. Oooo nice. I do know that sometime last night, I decided I was starving, called Z (thought he was still on this side of town) and he dropped fastz foodz off for me. I know, I know. This is a recent indulgence, this fast food thing, and I won't dare mention from where. But YUM.

I slept gloriously last night, and woke up feeling like I could sleep for the rest of the day, simply because I feel good. That's just...not good.

Z suggested that I make a military journal for one of my former co-workers for Veteran's Day. Great idea!! The guy who used to always drive me to the victor alpha, who never took a dime for gas, nor asked for a thing is the recipient. He doesn't read this so I can talk about it. Still...I'm making a journal for two months' away. I'll lose it if I do it now :D Heh.

I've already straightened up and prepared for the day. There's a soft aromatic breeze blowing through my windows and screen door. Mmm. I just want to stay right where I am and enjoy it.

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