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Sudden fright

I woke up this morning sitting BOLT UPRIGHT, and ack. The ring scared me. LOL. MAN it's heavy on my hand. Then, I got all hypnotized staring at it and that lasted an easy 15 minutes. I'm way too easily distracted.

I have a buttload of things to do today, and I don't FEEL LIKE IT. I'm still sick/recovering from it, and think that just one more day, and I'll be back to normal. I have a project I need to call about, laundry, clean house, kitchen, etc., make grocery list for Z, cook...arrrrrgh. Too much.

Oh...I got a UPS package yesterday from my merch H.Q. They ALWAYS send us new t-shirts. So in one of the bags, I could feel it was a t-shirt, and grabbed the scissors to open it.

Yeah. Guess what happened then? LOLOLOL. I pull out the shirt, which is SO COOL IT HURTS (A black/gray Spiderman shirt) and there's a huge V which is missing. I look down, Z laughs, and yeah. I cut a V out of the side of my Spiderman shirt which I have to wear tomorrow. So I'll be doing some sewing. LOL. The Surf's Up shirt is kinda awesome, too. I suppose I'll be getting these every week. The wunderbar thing about working this little part time thing is that I get free shirts and cool, huge movie posters (if I want 'em). Gotta love those kind of perks.

So it took a day of me being genuinely happy to realize how grossly UNhappy I've been for a couple of years. I'm SMILING. While it's true that I look like a complete dork, the bottom line is I'm genuinely happy. Go figure.

More discussion last night, and I'm feeling so much better about the progression to OZ. Keeping a lot of it private.

And no, not through paring down my list, although some are bailing due to the action. Two left this morning. *waves bye bye*

Okay. I need to try and feel better, take some vitamins, my medicine, and THEN set about going through today.

Everybody be coo.

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