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I've now felt life at the age of 90, and I don't wanna be here

I don't know /what/ happened last night, but I fell out and in to the deepest sleep I've had in literally years. All the physical exertion killed me. This morning? I hopped out of bed and immediately realized the err of my ways. I now know exactly what it feels like to be old; and I'm glad that this malady ain't gonna let me live to see it. All 2,000 body parts are in SERIOUS pain. I can /barely/ walk. Not good. I need to get up and move around, but I'm waiting on, again, medication to kick in. *sigh* I really overdid it yesterday, and knew it while I was at it. But oh no. I didn't stop there.

Z and I discussed that idiot this morning and neither of us give a sheize about her or psycho. They're the ones who always make contact, and now he's calling a few friends to take care of it. I did, too, since I have two restraining orders. We decided to completely drop that subject UNLESS this crap happens again (including the hang-ups). It's not worth it to let someone who's grossly unhappy ruin OUR time.

I talked with Susie this morning and think I creeped her out into never sleeping again, by going into details about mites, the carpet, bed sheets and ring-/round-worms. LOL. She said "I've never seen any mites in my bed." They're microscopic and we ALL have them; they look like lobsters if you see them under a microscope. EWWWWWWW. That's why I flip the mattress every month. KILL THEM. KILLLLLL. That's also why I'm a psycho about changing my bedsheets. I don't like the thought of sleeping with crustaceons. Call me crazy but...ewwwwwwww.

Absolutely canNOT do the Sony job today and it's just going to have to wait until tomorrow. Although I do have a ton of things to do, that won't be one of them. It would be physical suicide to try, feeling like this.

On the flip side, it is soooooooo nice outside!!! It's a nice, smooth 65 degrees right now, and a light, DRY wind is blowing through my windows, and sweeping through my house. I can /feel/ winter. That has a downside (i.e., my body's alert system), but right now, I'm trying to simply bask in the glow of my favorite season showing itself. The sky is almost an electric blue, and I can smell the change. The landscaping guys were here yesterday, so I can smell the freshly mown lawn, the grass,'s awesome. Oddly missing, however, are the birds. WHERE DID THE DEVIL-SPAWN HELL BIRDS GO??? Maybe they found the evil-bird mothership and I won't have to deal with 'em anymore.


Ja, so I've gotta get busy. Spent enough time catching up with peeps, and letting the meds try to work in my body. Today's gonna be another long one.

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