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Sometimes "OMG YAY" is the best way to describe it.

The gray, out-of-reach shoes are gonna be mineeeee!! Shhh. We don't talk about it, because it's a secret :X

Wow. I'm soOOoooo happy. These shoes are perfection, and my obsession with them hasn't diminished for even a day. To know they are soon to be on my feets makes me happy :D OMG YAY! It's rare that I see a thing and literally want to cry because I don't own it/can't make it/etc. These shoes fall in that once-in-10-years thing :) *le sigh*

Annnnyway. Our anniversary is the first week in November, and last night we were discussing what to do on this most wunderbar occasion. I'm going to "dress him up". Take him shopping and metropolitan (not sexual!) him up. Heh. He's so handsome anyway, and looks wonderful in suits and ties. I'd like him to be more...NYC casual. That look would /so/ work for him. So that should be fun. I hate shopping, and yet...yeah. :) We'll be styling on our little date night :)

How many blades can you fit on one razor? That's what all the companies which manufacture them are asking. Yesterday, Kelsey and I had to stop by Rite Aid, and the teenaged boy working behind the counter just stared (and stared and stared) at Kelsey, which of course ended up with us having random crap from the counter in our bags. LOL. We had snuff, Grecian formula for men, and a five-bladed razor. GEEZ. I THOUGHT TWO WERE KINDA EXCESSIVE. BUT FIVE????

There is NOTHING natural about a razor that has five blades. What was he gonna shave? A GOAT?

Yeah, so there was that.

Today, I have a third interview. It was put off for 30 minutes, so that'll give me an extra 30 to fret. Yay. O.o Fortunately, I got some good solid sleep last night. Kelsey and I left this a.m. around 7:10. I'm supposed to make the Sony run, and am on Wednesday. Tomorrow, I have a dreaded, horrible victor alpha appointment in the girl clinic. :( Oh nooooooessssss. I'm kinda scared about that one. I've hated it forever, but's almost unbearable. So I'm sure tomorrow, I won't be happy at all.

I shall, however, try to look ahead so that this won't rain on my most recent parade of almost feeling normal. It's very strange, and wonderful. :) I think love does that. Kelsey has been just randomly telling me she loves me (out of the blue?), and so has Z. Honestly/Secretly, I feel, for the first time in my life, that both mean it with all their hearts. It's a good feeling to know you're loved so much by two people YOU love. Makes all the petty crap seem completely irrelevant.

K. Enough rambling. Time to get on with the day. :>

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