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She's still got it goin' on

Yay!! I talked with Jackie a few minutes' ago, and it seems our lives have similarly run parallel to one another. She sounds like the same ole Jackie, and we both agree that now -- at our ages -- we look better, feel more confident and sexier than we ever were or did back in our European tour days. AMEN. I agree with that hypothesis, as I've seen pics. She and I both are some lucky mofos. I think keeping a youthful outlook is the trick. She had to let me go because she was going to teach a spinning class.

You go, girl.

Jackie's five years' older than I, but both of us could run a room down. Gotta love it. I mean, c'mon. Her kid's out of the house, grown and she's hot. I'll hand it to her. Her voice sounds the same as it did then. And realizing that we both live so close to one another, we're going to be getting together soon (perhaps halfway). Gaaaaaaaah, I miss those days! I'm now /happy/ that I leave metatags and my name in here for old friends to find. Because out of ALLLLLL the "I'm jealous of Terri" crap that I get in anon comments, NONE of those come close to matching the beauty of real life friends who've found me by searching =D There is no greater feeling, believe me, than to be remembered so many years later, by someone /you/ thought was special.

She has her own business, and has taken over the world. I'd expect no less from her :) And so we chatted it up, about family, loss, kids, husbands, divorces...all of life's hard and soft balls. I'm beyond delighted! Now if Leslie and Minnie would pop up, my best friends would be complete :D The circle (or probably coven if we all got together...heh) would be complete, and life, perfect.

Things are crazy today. Got resolution from Sony, but not what it should've been, and I'm not happy with it, either. I can't decide whether to sue, or just do nothing. Meh.

Went shopping for special anniversary dinner :):) Can't talk about it or show it because there's a chance my o so significant other could read this :D It's very sexy, however, and I love, love, LOVE it :) I'm up to a size 4, so I'm kinda happy about that. I'd be happier in a 5/6, but I'll take a 4 over a 0 ANYday. Weight, I be a-gainin'.

My throat hurts. Dunno where it's coming from, but MAN. IF THIS IS THAT CRAP I HAD TWO WEEKS IN A ROW...ugh. It's trying to kill me.

Those journals we make (which are selling well!) are SO handy. I've been through THREE of them already, and just noticed this afternoon that I'd run out again. Gads. It's coming up on Christmas, and I'm hoping Kelsey pushes it so that she can generate more sales. She's WAY SHORT on monies needed to go on that trip next year, but she's working hard, as am I, to try and attain that goal. I'm going out to this huge cotton field perhaps this weekend, to take pictures. It's incredible if you've never seen one and I regret not taking a camera THAT day. It was really cloudy out, and coupled with the cotton, the sky and ground would've made an excellent journal cover. It'll look equally cool if the sun's out, but I liked the spooky feel it had to it when I passed by.

Nothing more to impart here, since most of what I /really/ write stays hidden these days. C'est la vie, eh? Eh.

Carry on.

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