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Two years and a day

Ahhhhh. So I /finally/ got dressed up so that Z and I could celebrate one of our anniversaries :):) I have to admit, we were both lookin' good :D

He took me to Ruth's Chris and we had a blast. He's so sweet and thoughtful. I hate how this whole external thing is knocking on the wall (and friends, please don't comment on that stuff--those were locked, filtered entries).

We didn't, however, even allow all this to diminish our evening, as we agreed to shut down the celluloids and enjoy some peace and quiet. He was so handsome :D I was proud to be his date. Dinner was great, of course, and the wait staff, for some reason, hovered around our table. *snorts*

I got some pics, but something went wonky with the digi. I pushed something that killed the color. I'm going to try and work out the TWO that I think worked out (you can't really focus if you're taking pics of yourself...hahahaha). We totally forgot to get pics, and he's been wanting some of he and I for awhile now (since our Christmas party last year, no less). If I can salvage those, I'll put 'em up in here (again, in that same filter -- if you want out, let me know in e-mail or here).

Came home, and enjoyed cuddling up on the porch swing, talking about astronomy. We're DORKKKKKKKS. :) Of course *those shoes* will be here any day. I'm gonna cry when I get them, they're so gorgeous :)

The rest, I'll keep to my own self :)


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