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And with a blink of the eye... watch your whole day change completely from what you'd planned.

That would be today. So things are rearranged. I have a meeting to finish up this *#(&@*( book, and hopefully, this will be the last one. More people got involved, which of course muddied up the process. I'd initially scheduled an interview with a headhunter who has the /perfect/ position for me (which will be locked up, as in most things important), but it has to be rescheduled. This /could/ go on for another day. I certainly hope not.

Francine is coming over. Yay! I haven't seen her in a few months, and miss her. She's been with me now (even though I'm so broke it hurts) for more than 15 years. It's nice that she stops by just to visit me, when once, she used to be my maid. I'm looking forward to that visit and will let /nothing/ interfere with that.

(John, this isn't in our time frame, btw.)

Now I feel this stressful need to at least straighten up before Francine arrives. Ack. Yeah, yeah I know...she's used to it. Still. Don't want her to feel the sudden urge to hop up and give my kitchen a good going-through. Heh. I'm making us a little lunch today, as well.

So more plans are in action:

  • Go to the post office and bank

  • Pick up regular schtuff (Sprite, etc.)

  • Do baseline straightening of the house for Francine

  • Publix: GOTTA go, and remember to take discount coupon

  • Metting; can't avoid it

  • Francine visit: probably not longer than an hour

  • Work on book for at /least/ an hour (I'm way behind)

  • Get three journals out (almost finished)

  • Review the most recent orders, due to personalizations requested

  • Process new digi photos

  • Find some bit of time in there to REST.

  • Yeahhhhhhh alrighty. I think the last one won't happen, but one can always hope, non? :) I'm having a 7.5 day which started off as a 9 until medication. So really, I can't complain. Well, I could, but it wouldn't do me any good.

    Talked with Z early this morning via IM. It was a lighter conversation than "normal" these days, which was a welcome relief. Major concerns are still there, however. Project OZ is officially on hold. Or at least I think so. He did mention coming here to sleep over tonight (no, no ya pervs...this is a protection thang) when he gets off work, and I might take him up on it. I haven't been able to sleep for the past four nights. Something's gotta give. I might try Preparation H to see if it really works for those pesky bags under the eyes. Hey -- it's worth a shot, right?

    Right now, I'm propping my legs up with a heating pad, praying for more relief so I can accomplish these goals.


    That's just EXTORTION! I wantttt itttttttt *whines*. Plus, it has the original LJ logo on it, complete with eraser.

    Oh, Ljs...why you gotta do me like that?

    Annnnnnnnd that's about all for now. You just successfully wasted three good minutes of your time ;-)
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