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That recurring question


Third piece of mail received from: An Outside Caller, SENT: Many days AT: Whatever times.

About the photos I put in my journal (just to answer these questions that I receive in mail by oft-innocent lurkers/readers) -- The red "X" is there intentionally. I don't save many photos for the public. So if you see a red X, don't keep reloading. It simply means you don't have privileges to access these pics (or you're not on my list, etc.).

While some photos are visible to all registered users, a lot will be kept friend's only. Our scrap book photos -- much like an entry or a memory -- can be kept private, shared with group friends only, shared with FILTERED friends, registered users or everyone.

It's REAL RARE that I share with everyone. And all are MINE. Copyright laws do apply in all instances of digital art. ALL OF THEM. Unless I've capped some stupid show, every image (including iconage) is mine, doesn't belong to stock photo places, wasn't invented, conjured or "discovered", borrowed (or bleeding) at the time I took them/made them/designed them. I've just recently borrowed a couple of icons for the first time ever, and she has credit on my journal (I think, even though she said she ganked w/credit). Which means all this creative joy is copywritten. I don't think anyone gets it. Would you want me to show up at your job, and take, say, your computer off your desk? I didn't think so. Respect my shiite.

So that answers that question once and for all, or should, including what is or is not permissible/tolerable.

I have to add that I do find it funny when people SERIOUSLY use stock photography and then, when displaying them for use by others, DEMAND KUDOS OR ELSE WILD LJ MENS WILL UNFRIEND YOU NOWZ. Geez. Just because you steal someone else's picture and throw words on it, does NOT make it yours.

However, use your own, and it does. SO SIMPLE AND YET...

Okay. I'm too busy to keep updating El Jay, so that's that.


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Here is Belladonna, the Lady of the Rocks,
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Which I am forbidden to see. I do not find
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Thank you. If you see dear Mrs. Equitone,
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