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Tempted to use old computer

My cs are officially dead. I have to copy and paste to use them and it's a little nightmare.

I love it when someone makes a "me only" private post :) You know who you are, and I'm oh so happy for it, and appreciate the advice. :)

I'm still staring at those shoes. They are displayed prominently on my nightstand. LOL. There are three things in my life that I just LOVED and had to have; these shoes were one of them. Now, they are MINE. And yes, the other two are, too. (Or were/are. Years pass between my fixations.)

Yesterday just won't be gotten in to. No point in it. Today, I'm worried about all the same things, and still have no answers. At my age you'd THINK it would all be so simple.

Oh, but let someone ELSE ask me for advice and I'm all over it. Doctor, heal thyself. Or something like that.

I've rewatched the Potts vid several times now, still entranced by that face/voice, almost haunted by them. I downloaded Pott's version of the song for my iPod, and it's glorious. I don't even care for opera unless it's Madame Butterfly. :>

Today I'm going to do NOTHING. I actually slept IN which never happens, and feel my body needs time to recover from the horror of THE INcIDENT and the other things going on in my life right now. I wish I could go ahead, pack up and move to Spain NOW. Kelsey's the only thing holding me back, but I won't even leave the zipcode with her here :) So that's that. I'll tough it out until she's in college.

Too much going on, and I'll journal that privately. I'm about to post some photos that I got crazy over in the light box yesterday whilst bored and without my Back to Anglund activities. Z brought by a plate, along with two packets of Nyquil (which I desperately needed; my sinuses are FUBARED). AND those shoes with a love letter. I immediately took pics, but I don't think we'll be seeing those in here, since I'm wearing thigh highs with the shoes. *snort*

Okay. No wisdom for ya, nothing of merit to write, and I'm outta hur. Skip the picture post, since there's nothing really interesting to see.

Scoot. If you're shopping, be careful. Not love nor money could drag me out today. Plus I'm in a flare from HELL that's kicking my ass. =/

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