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So sore, my hair hurts

Note to self: No more physical labor, even disguised as 'pulling a few wires.' Ever. All 2000 body parts are in dire need of a serious, deep-tissue massage. My calves are screaming, my thighs, moaning and biceps arguing with the rest of me. I only THOUGHT I was solid muscle. Apparently not, geez. Either that, or I overworked the few I still have. Stretching, however, has never felt soOoooooooo goooooood. Better than sex! Yeah!

It's named Ft. PAYNE for a reason
'Nuff said. It sounded like a good idea. B.S. just wanted 'company' for the drive. Instead, I turned into the cheapest laborer in history. It should be of great comfort to my friends, however, that I know everything about running cable wire, connecting, programming and yes, even tapping in to cable without them knowing. Baa ha ha ha. I even put together a cabinet that easily weighed four times more than *I*. Gimme more power tools, baby, and I'll work all night! Whaaaaat a sucker. Famous last words, while going over job options: "Do you want me to help you with that?" Six hours later, I'd already crawled through a ceiling of a HUGE house, wired three systems to one, hooked up surround sound, dropped cable through walls, and used several power tools. GO ME GO. WTH. I'm a journalist. Girls? These are some handy things to know, lemme tell ya. Most guys don't know how to do this unless they're certified electrical engineers. Which makes me wonder -- Hmm...I can not only run wire but also program my own dvd/vcr/etc. What is the point in wanting a man around to botch things up and hog the remote? I'm sorry. There's no good answer to that question.

Love in the fast lane
My second famous last words: "Do you want me to drive part of the way back?" Uh. He pulled off at THE NEXT exit, rushed around the vehicle, and fell asleep within 2 minutes. I think B.S. has narcolepsy, I swear to God. Years ago, he used to tell me he couldn't fall asleep with anyone around. Which is why he liked me hanging out; he could. But to go to sleep that quick? I'm not buying the "I can't sleep with anyone around" theory no mo. I mean, I am the queen of road rage, and he of all people knows this better than anyone. We made it home with no tickets, but I don't think the speedometer ever made it under 100 the entire interstate time. (Yeah; he snored the entire way...I really, really wanted to hurt him at that point.) Of course, on the drive UP there, I was his amusement, talking about stupid shiite, and singing along with the radio. We discussed what use the opposite sex really provides...and neither of us could come up with any GOOD ideas. He's a sucker for braindead blondes, and will always be taken advantage of by them, because he can't stay away from silicone. I lectured him, but none of it registered. I think he stopped maturing around 16. :) Of course, in my case, I just won't leave the house. And the past couple of weeks have been the 'let's lure Terri out' springtime, all-for-one fest. Even the best of the past have come out of hiding, in an attempt to lure me. Note to self: NEVER trust men during spring. They're worse than ME.

Today will neverrrrrrr end
I've accomplished much, but am not compelled to write about it. Things are going okay; that's what counts. I think psycho has quit his rampage (one can always hope), and maybe I'll get some peace and quiet with nooo phone calls. B.S. called this morning, and while doing his busywork, picked up three gallons (hahahah) of tea for me and other things I desperately needed; therefore, no quick mart runs, either! Life is sehr gut.

Note to airyone: Never use online 'matchmaker' services. Airyone lies about themselves and they think YOU are the god/goddess of the universe. It does get old. So if you don't drink, don't hang out at meat markets, what's a single person(s) to do? Stayyyyy hommmmmme. Resist the urge! :) AOL's gotta raise their stock options somehow, and I finally figured it out.

P.S. to quiz takers: That shiite ain't funny! You KNOW I read your individual responses. First on my hit list? Publius 13.

That is thankfully all...for now.

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