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This time, up at 4


I don't think I'm ever getting a normal night's sleep again. Argh!

Okay. Is it just me, or is everyone disgusted with how freakin' soon everybody's rushing to be so Christmasy?!? It started /before/ Thanksgiving this year, and NOW people have full-on lights and trees up!!! I'd get SICK to DEATH of seeing all my crap up this soon!!! In fact, I'm sick of /theirs/.

Yeah okay. I'm a Grinch, I won't deny. And it's not just when I'm dirt poor broke, either. I'm a Grinch when things are okay. Everybody forgets WHY there's a Christmas, and goes way overboard trying to see who's the biggest and best Xmaser around. Why IS THAT?

I am making my annual pledge to NOT get commercialized or go crazy in any shape, form or fashion this year, because it's ridiculous.

Or maybe I just haven't had enough sleep over the past few nights.

No, it's ridiculous. I'm not putting the tree and stuff up for at least a good week, if not more. I want to /enjoy/ it for as long as it's up. And if I did it /now/, I'd be bored with it by Christmas.

Plus, we have a lovely new issue to deal with this year, since we rearranged the livingroom. Oopppppps. Might have to move my pappasan into my bedroom just to make room for the tree. Gads. I'll never walk in my room AGAIN. And let's not forget my current fixation with the light box. I have nowhere to store it. LOL =)

Greaaaaaaa t.

K. Imma watch a stupid movie in an effort to get sleepy and at least get another hour in.


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Nov. 25th, 2007 12:36 pm (UTC)
The rush to buy things is astonishing, and disgusting to me.
Our family tradition is that we NEVER do ANYTHING about Christmas until the first Sunday in Advent, at the very earliest. All the decorations we've accumulated over the past 30 years are in boxes, in a corner cupboard in the loft, ready to come out and be put up in their accustomed places, but - not until Advent has started, thank you.

There are houses around here which already have their Christmas trees up and decorated. That's just so - wrong. Inappropriate. And of course the stores are full of Christmas shoppers, and all the decorations and 'specials' and stuff are out... I just walk past it all.

Kinda broke this year anyway, but I've bought the Christmas pressies for my girls already - just have partner to get something really nice - and he's a man with everything he could possibly want. Except maybe a couple of really interesting books, or some good music... sigh.

No, you're not being a Grinch. You're being sane.
Nov. 25th, 2007 12:45 pm (UTC)
It's the same way here!!! I'm ALREADY tired of the lights, and the season hasn't even started!!!! *screams*

By the time the holiday gets here, everyone will be SO ANXIOUS to take all that crap down, and wonder why they bought a present for Aunt Bessie who hated it in the end? It makes NO SENSE to me.

I do think I'm a Grinch, however. I've never liked celebrating, because it seems to me that all those things should be said and done all year long; not waiting until a holiday to tell someone you love them, or purchase them something they want/like/need. You know?
Nov. 25th, 2007 12:55 pm (UTC)
Yup, I understand. As far as I'm concerned, festivals and holidays are a chance to step out of the normal pattern of life and spend time with relatives and loved ones that one doesn't normally have, to strengthen family ties and relationships. Eating together is a primal bonding action.

The exchanging of gifts is another primal indication of affection, esteem, 'belonging', but said gift doesn't have to be large or costly. The Tibetan custom of exchanging differently coloured silk scarves as tokens of esteem is a very sensible one, I think.

But to think that just because one has gathered, and spent time, and exchanged gifts with one's family that it's then okay to ignore them for the rest of the year, or treat them with casual disdain - that is appalling.
Nov. 25th, 2007 12:57 pm (UTC)
It /is/ appalling, yet that's what my extended family has been reduced to.

I lost both my parents this summer; and /nothing/ is ever going to be the same, or even close to it. I might as well not even have a brother or sister; God knows they don't care a thing about me.
Nov. 25th, 2007 01:33 pm (UTC)
Ach, much sympathy for your loss. That's a terribly hard thing to deal with, at any age. You're right - nothing will ever be back the way it was. Ouch.

So it's basically you and Kelsey, now?

My mum is still alive, in Australia, and I have 2 sisters in NZ and one down in Somerset. We're a very scattered family and have been since 1969. My dad died ten years ago, and I still miss him horribly now and then.

My sister said that you know you're truly grown-up when there's nobody left alive who remembers you when you were a baby... it's relentless, cold and hard-bright, this march of time. I try not to think of it too much, or at least try to build good 'mum' memories for my girls.
Nov. 25th, 2007 01:39 pm (UTC)
It's good that you're doing this for your girls.

I'm having a hard time reconciling all of this right now. It's still an open, fresh wound that I wake up thinking about each day, and go to bed thinking about at night. Add to that the /rest/ of my life, and I'm constantly worrying and thinking. There's a huge void left behind now; and honestly, right now, I can't talk with my daughter about it, but would if she mentioned it. I cry whenever I do. So until I get that under control, I need to keep the thoughts to myself.

I'm sure it's tough for you, with all your relatives in faraway places. My condolences on your father, as well. My dad was such a kind, gentle man...the whole world suffered the loss of a great man on the day he died :(

Visit your mom and sis whenever you can. It is just Kelsey and I now. And these days, I kinda feel like I'm more alone than ever (which isn't good, according to my doctors). *sigh*
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