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Wonky weather

One morning, it's 28; the next, 59. My body is paying dearly for the severe weather swings, and mornings are almost unbearable. I can barely open my medicine bottles now, and something needs to be done. Z has volunteered to go to my next doctor's appointment with me, to give them his perspective. The meds just aren't lasting long enough or working the way they should. While the rest of the day will be "okay", right now, I find it hard to imagine.

It's teen weekend at the crib, and I'm still suffering a migraine. I'm not going to bring up the newest "fight" the spawnlette and I had. They seem to be too frequent lately. She's so angry, but I can't determine why. It feels like it's directed towards me, however. Not a good feeling, and I don't understand it. Seems like she never laughs and jokes anymore unless her friends are around. The scary thing about that is, is that I do the same thing. I'm grossly unhappy, but to be around me you can't tell. In fact, I seem overly happy most of the time. She's too smart for a regular psych, so I'm just going to watch and see what happens over the next couple of months.

Ain't I a ray of sunshine? lol. I hush now. I should never write (a) at night; (b) when I'm in pain; or (c) when I know I'm in the midst of depression. Doesn't bode well for good journal entries, and I really have nothing good to say. Yay.

So Imma end it here. Got to cook breakfast in a few minutes. HOW FUN.


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