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Having a REAL BAD TER day.

Thank GOD I remembered to copy this time. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! This is THE LAST TIME I'm going to attempt to update. Having all this time to think about what I wrote, I've scaled it down even more. UNREAL. This is what an exploded monitor will do to ya every time...

Yeah buddy, I knew it was gonna be one helluva day
When my monitor literally crackled and blew UP. WTH??? I don't GET IT. Of course, I've written about this three times, and am not inclined to go into it again. Geez. Here are the cliff, cliff, cliff notes: I've had to drive more than 120 miles today, spend more than $50+ getting fuses and things done to my car, and getting feelings hurt by a friend. 'Nuff said about all that.

Mommy dearest
Of course my parents had a monitor, since I've built my dad three systems. So offfffff to the parental units I went, knowing mother would be evil (and indeed, she was, looking me up and down, and telling me that I looked like an Ethiopian). EXCHOOSE ME. I'M NOT BLACK. BUT THANKS. I AM a little sunburned (or maybe a LOT, after driving all day with the top down in a little Victoria's Secret tank top). Eeks. Add a few more freckles, and let's play dot to dot! :)

...but more! She's a pimp!
Again, I'm not getting into all of it. But mother is trying to hook me up with the 'cute young doctor across the street who's DYING to meet me.' Yeah. Right. I knew she had a hidden agenda. AW HAW. THEY NEED NEW GLASSES!

The coups de gras, however, came from my sweet, saintly, wonderful, loving, quiet, intelligent, worthy-of-worship dad, when he said:

"Maybe he'll charge us double if Terri goes out with him." MY DAD SAID THIS! He hit me in the arm, and laughed, telling me over and over that he was just kiddin'. I snarled and hit him back, telling him that THANK YOU VERY MUCH, BUT I'M A GREAT DATE WHEN I WANT TO GO!!! He laughed and said he was sure I was, since I'm so smart, pretty, etc. Of course, mother interjected with her "well, she MIGHT be pretty if she'd gain a little weight and cut her hair again." FACE IT. I WILL NEVER BE PRETTY IN HER EYES. GAWDDDDDDDDDDDD *pulling hair out by the root*. But she's already chatted up the 38-year-old doc across the street about me; it's a done thing. I just have to give my mother 'permission' to give him my number. UM...EXCHOOSE ME? BUT SHE NEVER CALLS. Why would I do THAT? I told her no thanks, I could find a fargin' date if I wanted one, etc. etc.

Hehehe...there is a bit of humor to all this
While my dad and I were, as usual, discussing intelligent and interesting things, mother would occasionally interject with a story she's told a hundred times. At one point, my dad mentioned something about the Japanese and mother said:

"Chinese food? Lee, you don't like rice." ROFLMAO. OMG. I almost fell outta my chair laffin'. So did my dad, only he was more discreet than *I*. Mother didn't get it. He nor I felt compelled to clarify. I think she needs a hearing aid MUCH MORE than new glasses, and that's that.

So they invited me to come stay the weekend (or eat, in other words) with them, since I seem so 'down in the mouth' <--her words, I swear. Um...please explain what that means, particularly from her point of view? I don't think the best psychiatrist in the universe could figure out half of what she says or feels. However, I am considering going, so I can loan my dad Young Guns I and II, and bring new movies for mother to watch. Plus, I AM feeling down in the mouth; today wasn't my day. Hell, this month has been...awful. I'm having a real bad Ter day, and cry at the slightest provocation. I think some time away with the parents might do me some good.

'Nuff about today. I smell like dead horse, my eyes are swollen, I can literally hear them blink, and this is the LAST time I'll try to update today if it doesn't save. So much was lost in the previous two attempts that I'm bored telling it.

Note to all real life friends who 'ask for my help': I hope SOME of you are reading this. The NEXT TIME you say "hey, can you do me a favor?" ask yourself if 1) it's to help you accomplish a goal at work; and 2) if you're willing to compensate me, even in small amounts, for my time. If not, then DON'T ASK. No more free work for friends. I'm putting my foot down.

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