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Bone-headed cable company freaks

After more than 10 different phone 'routes', while trying to actually PAY FOR THE SERVICE, I got them to commit to one week, to come in and hook me up proper.

They missed the day, of course, which left me really angry. Needless to say, I now refuse to take their phone calls, and pretend like I'm ansswering the phone for me when they do manage to sneak through my wires.

BUT...my poor neighbor (wth ever...poor neighbor who has really bad sex right above my freakin' head and stomps around all night) is unknowingly supplying me with a hook up.

And WOE BE IT when my neighbor decides to go to sleep and actually shuts the system down.

Thattttttttttttt's right. I did all the door-slamming, loud movie-listening, radio-playing noise I could until it seemed like a Mexican birthday up in here, finally making the neighbor wake up. BUT OH NOES. MY NEIGHBOR DIDN'T COME TO TURN CABLE ON. Instead, they decided a little game-playing on the t.v. was a good idea.


Since they have more trafic than Highway 31, I learned a new ruse that would lure them into the computer room; I used my own, loud door knocker. lol. Don't laugh at me. It worked. Five minutes later, I heard feet shuffling over my head, a cabinet being opened and BOOM. My weather bug started working on my desktop, indicating that yeahhhhhh, baby, we got speed!

That'll teach 'em for being so inconsiderate. And I hate it when they're up half the night and THEN shut down, because aohell's GOODBYE is so loud, it wakes me up. And then I stay up watching a freakin' movie.

I think in a roundabout way, my neighbors are responsible for me not getting proper sleep at night. Might as well blame 'em.

Now that I /have/ the high speed hookup, my desire to poke around on the net is gone. And the cable company will survive with one less customer. I'm sure -- just like with t.v. -- they'll get me sooner or later. But I think my neighbors (and because of their net, I know their names...hahahah) will be none-the-wiser. :)

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