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Trying to cope

I confess; I'm having a REAL HARD time dealing with this cat situation.

I'd talk about it, but that wouldn't be fair or right. I've talked about it to the right person, and as usual, it's an unpleasant subject. Therefore, not a word's being said.

I'm not going to budge this time, until SOMETHING TRUE is said to me, something FINAL.

I hate this.

I swore I wouldn't deal with it again, and yet...


Any rational person who knew the whole situation, from beginning until today, would side with me for several reasons. Again, none of which I can get into in /here/. I'm not getting any better with the situation; if anything, I'm growing angrier, realizing so much more things about the cat's reality. If something like /this/ can make me so grossly unhappy, I have to consider my life, right?!

I'm sure this is obscure, since I've made no entries about it, nor have I made any friend's only statements. I'm trying to just get over it, but...I shouldn't /have/ to. I did try to get my friends (who're still involved with T.E.A.R.S. and animal adoption groups) to find one similar, since I'm unusually not allergic, but no one's come up with this particular one.

This whole situation is making me kind of sick. My dad always said never let an argument go down with the sun? Well, this situation has gone from a YEAR to another.

Doesn't bode well for...well, any of what I'd planned. =/ Right now, If I "say" anything to the other party, I have a feeling it'll be painted with this angry brush I hold in my hand. So I'm avoiding it at all costs. Might as well; the aforementioned wouldn't dare mention it. In fact, this person has talked about everything BUT the cat over the past 72 hours.

And if you just wasted two minutes of your time reading, asking questions probably won't be a good idea. I'll probably ignore 'em, or dodge them altogether, since this is a real diary entry. But if you have ideas as to how to make other people see reason, by all means...no, no, I take that back, too.


Sometimes, I really DO feel so alone on this planet. Frustrating.


Jan. 1st, 2008 06:39 pm (UTC)
"I have a feeling it'll be painted with this angry brush I hold in my hand"

yeah, there's something to be said about saying what's on your mind, but sometimes it is best to kind of hold back and distance yourself from it a bit before speaking your mind... then you don't have to be all like "i shouldn't have said that this way, b/c so-and-so is just going to discount what i said as "oh, he/she is just angry and didn't mean that..."
Jan. 1st, 2008 07:48 pm (UTC)
Ohhhhhhhh, I've distanced myself for DAYS now. And I guarantee (would place my famous $100 bet) that it won't be brought up UNLESS *I* do it.

That's NOT the way it's supposed to work. However, THIS time, I refuse. It'll be brought up by the other party, or I'll have to maintain this aloofness. You make a promise, you keep it. If you can't keep it, have a DAMN GOOD AND VALID reason for not. That's how I see it. And since I haven't heard even a halfway decent "DAMN GOOD AND VALID" reason for this not occurring, I'm going to have to stand my ground -- not because I'm afraid of what I have to say, but because I've said it once; and I'll be damned it I turn into a harpy. That would make me just like most wives in the USA. Not my style.


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