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No sleep last night over life stuff

I don't think I really expected to sleep last night, and didn't. I'm a little apprehensive over today, and how everything will go.

But in my dreams, it was Kelsey who had me most concerned. Go figure.

I'm about to embark on many changes which will, I'm sure, seriously change my life. I'm ready to hit them with my best, and live up to promises that are made in all of our resumes, CVs and interviews.

And I'm nervous about resigning from the rest.

And NOW I'm so tired, I think that despite the outcome today, I should probably use the predictable part of it resting up for a clean start Tuesday, even though I'm so eager to get in and start.

I wonder if business casual is the same there as it is everywhere? I don't want to dress more or less than anyone else. That was a problem with the evil company.

Why am I worried about what I'll wear?

Because I need sleep.

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