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To drive or not to drive

Just for vanilla flavoring to make snow ice cream :> We actually have accumulated snow around here.

I think the first snowfall, the way you feel padded into the world, as if wrapped in a comforter, silent, cold,'s not unlike death. When I had my first MI in 2003, people asked me about what occurred, if anything, during my five minutes (I coded). It's always been so hard to describe; but it was beautiful.

Dying is like walking outside into the first soft snowfall with someone you love. It is. Or it was for me.

I was going to venture out to the mountain and take pictures, but I think I'll keep all this to myself. Some things shouldn't be shared, especially when a photo just won't describe the feelings one might have during a time when you experience an epiphany. That's how it was when I walked outside. I just stood there, letting the snow hit me and melt, enjoying the calm silence, watching it pile up softly on cars, railings and rooftops. I was blanketed by the earth and it was wonderful.

Now, I'm just chilling in my bedroom (with no high speed THNXWIGGINS...GRR), and contemplating taking photos. Maybe after the bizarre, romantic wave of this snow rolls over me, and I'm hit back into the real world, it won't seem so blasphemous. Maybe not :)

For now, I watch movies and enjoy the peace and calm that today will bring. I mean, what could go horribly wrong in my life today?

Er, don't answer that. It was rhetorical, and we all know I have a laundry list of "things that will go bad if I say that".

Carry on.

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